The story : love stories and tragic destinies intertwine in Madrid.

A filmmaker and her two lovers, her sister. Then, as usual, many other characters revolve around this quartet. All have a certain consistency, despite their lesser importance.

The introduction of the film is interesting : the scene signature of Almodóvar (a sex scene explicit enough) is also a triple into the abyss. A movement masturbatory in the movement masturbatory, in the movement masturbatory… Is this an admission by Almodóvar ? as to tell us that he wants to take a step back, related to themes already explored… Or we admit that he likes to cause us, in our well-pensance, shoving our beliefs in terms of sexual identity… Who knows. In any case, it’s a mouth to be successful.

In short, after this scene rather brilliantly mindfuck (in addition to being extremely sensual), begins the film. By a judgment on image of far greater significance than it to the air : THE LAW OF DESIRE.

So, this famous “law of desire” promises to be a film of sulphur or feelings and passion govern the acts of the characters. This is exactly the case, and it is also the fault of the film : for once, the story lack in part, of originality. THE LAW OF DESIRE is in the end, just a vulgar love triangle, with no more surprises than the ones we imagine. Jealousy and deception, violence, sex, abandonment : this part of the story is central… But luckily, around the trio, and revolves around a gallery of characters and exciting, as only Almodóvar knows how to write. They are the ones who drive the main story, in the adorning of thoughts and reflections, by directing the characters to the tracks reckless.

Passion in THE ACT OF DESIRE that is always, and even Pedro Almodóvar. The developer develops the themes of the passion, what it brings for creativity ; how the strongest emotions are sources of masterpieces.

His love for the things that are remarkably written still makes wonders. As well in the dialogues, as in the writing of the characters. This time, however, the secondary characters will be the ones that will grab your attention.

His personality is gradually transforming this history is relatively unremarkable in dramatic theatre, where the aspects disturbing or even glaucous are normality, rendered beautiful to who knows and accepts his universe.

”If the lack of originality of THE LAW of DESIRE sometimes struggles to convince us, It remains a film from Almodovar, with his personality, his obsessions.”

As always, the taboo is not for Almodóvar, as in Matador, homosexuality (male) is an integral part of the scenario, and not an accessory causing, or backdrop. This frontality is a huge force, because it transcends by its character cinematically unprecedented (for me in any case), a story that might not be so powerful if one of the central roles was held by a woman.

Because for once, they do NOT have a role in the story. But, if the personality of the director is palpable in the themes that it addresses, can be done-it is too appeal to the characterization to describe her trio of lovers, as well as the three men who make it up.

As usual, the pace of the film is impressive, does not leave room for boredom. As always, the interpretation is top notch. Antonio Banderas, perfect, Eusebio Poncela (The cop -slightly gay – Matador), and Carmen Maura, a woman with decidedly mid-muse mid-chameleon in Almodóvar.

Some of the scenes are absolutely beautiful, staged, lit, and a soundtrack with genius – the intro (as often), but also the “interpretations” Don’t Leave Me, magical, or some plans of stealth that we would owe out of paintings of Hopper.

the apotheosis is reached just before the end, when revealing incredible that redefines the characters, while signing to a major Has a scenario hitherto classic but effective.

In LAW OF DESIRE, if Almodóvar do we not convince entirely, his film remains sufficiently imbued with his personality and his obsessions to make some elements not very original, exciting.


Pedro Almodóvar : Price Light 2014

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Almodóvar Producer : Before-first

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Original title : La Ley del Deseo

Production : Pedro Almodóvar

Screenplay : Pedro Almodóvar

Main actors : Carmen Maura, Antonio Banderas, Eusebio Poncela

Country of origin : Spain

Released : march 16, 1988

Duration : 1h40min

Synopsis : A reflection on the desire through the loves complicated of a stage director.

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