[critical] Mamma Mia !

It is 1999 on the enchanting Greek island of Kalokairi that the romantic adventure begins, in a mediterranean hotel secluded, the villa Donna, run by Donna, his daughter Sophie and the boyfriend of Sophie, Sky. Just in time for his upcoming wedding, Sophie position nervously three invitations for three men well different and she thinks that one of them is his father. Three points on the globe, three men are preparing to return to the island – and to the woman who had enchanted 20 years ago.

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Release Date : September 10, 2008

Directed by Phyllida Lloyd

Film american

With Meryl Streep, Amanda Seyfried, Pierce Brosnan

Duration : 1h 50min

Trailer :

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It would seem that this medley of music awkwardly illustrated tries to hold in suspense the viewer with a single question : “Who is the father of Sophie ? “. Unless he tries to seduce us with the help of situations “comic” ? No, the ridiculous stops to make us smile from the first quarter of an hour. Difficult to make fun of men dancing on a pontoon with fins, imitating the penguins in Greece. So is this in the hope to immerse the viewer nostalgic in the era of disco ? Unfortunately in no case pays tribute to this music. From the first seconds you will see the screen divided into several frames, small stars twinkling or even singers coming up from behind the trees. There is a trial hybrid between the music clip and the feature film. In summary, the above scenario is only a vague excuse to bring images to the screen.

Like it or not, the musicals, the viewer may strongly regret Moulin Rouge, Chicago , or, in another register, Sweeney Todd. The musical comedy is dead with Mamma Mia… the movie with maybe. A spectator in the face of this cinematographic genre accepts the situations unrealistic, but here the limit is widely exceeded. Courageous the one who will gather all the will in the world to accept the rules of the game of this film ( namely, “long Live the kitsch” ), and finally a smile of some sequences in the film.

It is unfortunate to note that the only thing that could have saved this scenario of the poor has completely escaped the thought of the director : the spirit of the seventies appears as a parody doubtful. Fans ofABBA cry ! That this mythical group turns over in his grave ! The songs are poorly brought by the situations, the choreography absolutely staggering, and what to say of the impressive vocal performance of Pierce Brosnan ? Simply shower as a concert hall, certainly. In short, the film’s title takes on a whole new dimension to the view of the film.

Fortunately, the landscapes of Greece remain sumptuous. Failing to appreciate the music, the story or dialogues, this film will have at least the merit of giving a desire to go take a vacation on this island, hoping not to find the characters in the film.

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