MAD MAX 3 (1985) : the most fun and grand public


– MAD MAX 3 (1985), coherent and successful of Mad Max 2 !


– Review of MAD MAX: FURY ROAD

Thehas camera hovers above a barren wasteland. In the distance, a small cloud of smoke moves. The closer we become and the more you realize that it is a carriage drawn by camels. The camera, which is in fact a plane, strikes the man who led. In the vehicle steering wheel, a man and a child, exult with joy, a cry of a warrior, to have succeeded. The tone of this third component is asked to enter. MAD MAX 3 will be placed under the sign of fun and seems to leave the universe more furious of the two previous ones.

Past this first scene, we hang on to, it is the universe. In addition to the desert areas, it also explores places more civilized, the Town of Barter. There, hard not to think of video games like Fallout, where we take pleasure to discover the specificities of the city, its inhabitants, its architecture. The scene in the tunnel entrance is reminiscent of many other times that we’ve had in RPG. MAD MAX 3 is the most impressive in terms of artistic direction because it is broad and without betraying the spirit of the franchise. Has this pleasure adds a rhythm taking where Max is constantly embedded in a new location or a new galley. At least that is what they believe. Because after 30 minutes fully charged that is not seen to pass, the breath falls down and will never come back to this level. This is not the fault of be served in the action. If it was sufficient only that… and This lack, it is this furious energy that was passing through MAD MAX 2 , and where the threat of death was omnipresent. Of the party taken to suggest a film more light, MAD MAX 3 loses its intensity.

This does not prevent to be a honest entertainment, with good characters. Max stays Max and it is surrounded among the wicked of charismatic figures. In the first place, Tina Turner in the Entity. So, yes, it was not the case Humungus and will beat not the guy in the first place of the wicked the most striking of the universe. But his extravagant style of warrior sticks well to the universe. The “bad guy” that we remember, it’s Master/Blaster. This character two-in-one elicits a laugh (in the good sense of the word) while being an antagonist imposing. the redemption he found by the following is representative of the spirit of the film. The second chance is rarely a thing that is allowed in the world invented by George Miller. However it is already more complex to evoke the characters good, as they are not developed, and does not embody anything from marking. Some of the children wanted to be helpful but nothing more than that… The movie’s lack of balls, in terms of virility. Then one detaches from the events, the fate of the protagonists. It follows the action, well packed, including a super attack bandwagon which evokes, more than ever, the world of the western. At this time, the essence MAD MAX spring, in spite of the second degree.

“An adventure movie is entertaining, accessible to the greatest number. It is not to be overlooked in the world of MAD MAX, because it is the one who dares the most in its artistic proposals.”

One is obliged to have a sort of affection towards this third part, because it attempts to propose its own dough within the three films. It can be distinguished from, but is not required. It is not the ugly duckling of the franchise, too often maligned. This reputation should even play in his favor because in discovering it realizes that it has nothing to do with a junk movie, but tries another vein. If he had been in the same tone as the 2, it would have dragged on the ground from the repetition. It is an adventure movie is entertaining, accessible to the greatest number. It is not to be overlooked in the world of MAD MAX because it is the one who dares the most in its artistic proposals. The graduation started with the 2 reached his climax and should satisfy fans of post-apocalyptic.


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