MAD MAX 3 (1985), expands the universe of the 2nd film

De MAD MAX 3, the general idea that you can do without having seen it, is that it is a vulgar sequel to the film the most awesome of the saga; Too 80’s (Tina Turner , and its permanent), too american (PG 13), too lame, whatever..


Which is great and common to each episode of the saga, it is that the universe described seems to exist since long before we discovered, which adds to its realism… The sense of detail filtering exclusively via the artistic direction of the film is truly mind-blowing !

We refer you to our review of the second volume for the explanation of what is meant by narration by the universe – it is here, as mad as in the previous film ; by reclaiming the means of a super-production in the united states, George Miller is allowed to grow to their climax the exciting aspects touched on since the beginning of the saga;

In fact, MAD MAX 3 is another film ULTRA-ICONIC, another cornerstone of pop-culture;

May be less for the cinema (albeit: The Book Of Eli owes him a lot), but was evident for the video game !

If like me you have returned the universe off of Fallout 3 & New Vegas, or Borderlands (and then Rage to a lesser extent), you will take a huge slap/restoration of the name of Bartertown. A real city-a figure that indicates from the outset that MAD MAX 3 is not a simple repetition of opportunistic of the second film, but a work complementary to this one, expanding on the universe created with Mad Max 2 !

Borderlands ?

Fallout ?

Mad Moxxi’s Underdome ?

Thus, Bartertown seems to be the developmental logic of social life in universe post-apocalyptic.

In Bartertown, the codes in basic are starting to be reborn: the currency (bartering), “the government” (Aunty and his antagonist the Master/Blaster), the laws, the social classes (the town on the top/the city of the bottom, very Metropolis)… But also the concept of entertainment – the DOME of the title is also a kind of gladiatorial arena to the “rules” completely WTF, used to channel the negative energies of “the people” !

Thus, if Mad Max 2 was focused “future prehistoric” with its “nomadic VS. sedentary”, MAD MAX 3 can be seen as a very roman of the future, an evolution from both technological and social, as this new company was built thanks to the mastery of the energy that was lacking since the apocalypse. Logic and coherency.

Question consistency, how not to rent also the beginning of the second part of the film, which in going further and examines what would be a society victim of the apocalypse, but having never experienced the revelation… Via the kids on which Max falls by chance. Again, the video game is gleefully came to loot MAD MAX 3 for the representation of innocence, in a world of stale.

Now, to dissect the film in accordance with our criteria (see Mad Max 2) the characters and the action scenes are less successful in MAD MAX 3.

This second part of the film is also a phenomenal fall of the pace, which should make us immediately aware of the major flaw of MAD MAX 3: its static !

The movement was what dynamisait over the first two games; MAD MAX 3 spends 3/4 of his time in the pedestrian mode. Past the pleasure taken in observing and understanding this universe teeming with ideas, boredom tip. The antepenultimate action scene (the assault of Bartertown with the kids) is in the shot, quite lost. Fortunately, in its final scene… Miller shows he has more tricks in his bag; the latter is a cover of the finale of Mad Max 2, more dynamic, more long. The opportunity to remember who is the boss.

“In spite of big flaws (characters, pace), MAD MAX 3 was a lot more interesting than it seems !”

And then the characters.

Except for Max, always as charismatic and “used”, Aunty (Tina Turner) is really a great guru/Queen of England/psychopath… However, the singer is a poor actress, I have to say. Ridiculous as soon as it is expressed. It is not a question of the concept of “acting”, but rather presence, of bodily expression – in the image of Humungus, or Toecutter… Or Master-Blaster; a other character back in the collective unconscious (evidenced by Krang the Ninja Turtles, or the many boss of the RPG made up of two entities/brain force)

All the others fit logically in the universe, but unfortunately without success to create empathy, to mark.

Tina “Aunty” Turner



In short, MAD MAX 3 is much more interesting than it sounds…

But where the film fishing, it is more in terms of rhythm and empathy, in terms of creativity and consistency. The break in the middle, if it is a logic that is undeniable to the inside of the universe Miller-ien, cut the film in two and makes it lose its intensity… In any case, before a final scene reminiscent of the second episode: dante, charismatic, brilliant.



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