[critical] Metropolis (VOST)

Workers working in the underground of a great metropolis in the year 2026. They ensure the happiness of the wealthy, who live in the hanging gardens of the city. Android leads the workers to revolt.

Release Date : 6 February 1927

Directed by Fritz Lang

Movie German

With Brigitte Helm, Alfred Abel, Gustav Fröhlich

Duration : 2h 33min

Original title : Metropolis

Today, always in association with MrDomainePublic, the Blog Of The Film offers you to (re)discover the cult film by Fritz Lang, Metropolis

As a bonus, here are a few stories around this film never goes out of style :

• Since its creation in 1927, Metropolis was the subject of multiple transformations techniques. In 1984, the Italian composer Giorgio Moroder has sought to add colour to the film and to introduce a new sound, which has participated actively in the group Queen. Moroder has initiated this huge undertaking, starting from just 1 hour and 20 minute movie, while the long original footage lasted 3 hours and 30 minutes. Ten years later, following a great research work, a refurbished version in black and white of 153 minutes saw the light of day. In 2001, the film also benefitted from a new restoration by the Foundation Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, then, in 2008, should be added 25 minutes of missing scenes extra, giving rise to a version of Metropolis close to that of 1927.

• Metropolis, at the time of his shooting, was a huge project. The producers of the Ufa in Berlin, germany, invested € 30 million in the film’s futuristic. On his first outing in Berlin in January of 1927, the long-feature film, Fritz Lang brings 15 000 spectators. The film is then quickly removed from the screens, and then is remounted, the shortcut, but do not find for her fans. It is only when a graduating international at the end of the Second world War, Metropolis acquires the status that it still has today, that of the cult film. A quarter of the film was lost during its first cuts : its many restorations, have, however, allowed to preserve the quality of the image.

• Metropolis is inscribed to the Memory of the World register of Unesco, it was the first film classified as documentary world heritage.

• To obtain a visual dimension to the height of the moral dimension of the film, the team of Metropolis has had to invent many special effects. Thus, the new “Tower of Babel”, intended to measure 500 meters in height, has been carried out in miniature. It is the cinematographer Eugene Schüfftan, who developed a process playing on mirrors : from small parts, a large part of the decor was made up. The highways, the cars, have been carefully added : the six weeks were needed to finalize these plans, where the light and the arrangement of the cameras have an essential place.

• Metropolis is adapted from a novel by Thea von Harbou, wife of Fritz Lang. She has also participated in the writing of the scenario. Their first collaboration dates back to 1920 and Das Wandernde Bild, which she had signed the scenario.

• If Metropolis is recognized as one of the greatest films in cinema history, it has nevertheless undergone some diversion or ideological, as it was one of the favorite movies of Adolf Hitler. Watching the film, Paul Joseph Goebbels had the idea of entrusting the direction of the cinema to nazi Fritz Lang : while the latter emigrated to the United States in 1934 to escape the nazi regime.

• This film required nine months of filming and 36,000 extras, including 750 children, 1000 black, 25 chinese, and 1000 cranes razed.

Have A Good Time !

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