[critical] Night at The Museum

The Museum of Natural History contains within its walls a mysterious secret and amazing that Larry, the new security guard, will soon discover with panic : the night, all the exhibits come alive ! Under his eyes, roman soldiers and cowboys miniature engaged in a bitter war, Attila and his Huns began to plunder the exhibitions surrounding the mummy is trying to get out of his sarcophagus, the skeleton of the dreaded ? but nevertheless endearing ? tyrannosaurus lurking in the hallways… The chaos is total ! Larry will be able to restore order in its collection and save the museum ?

Author’s Note


Release Date : February 07, 2007

Directed by Shawn Levy

Film american

With Ben Stiller, Carla Gugino, Dick Van Dyke

Duration : 1h48min

Original title : Night at the Museum

Trailer :

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The first true film from Ben Stiller that I’ve discovered – in-the assumption being true, and by that I mean taking one of the main roles – was Mary at Any Price. Already, you could feel him grow and grow the soul of a schoolboy trapped in an adult body. A few films later, and passing through movies just as college students to each other, it is found in the skin of a night watchman in a museum like no other. Might as well say it, Ben Stiller has not grown and has not managed to drill his adult body to become one. No, quite the contrary, here it is trapped between a T-Rex, president Roosevelt, Attila and his Huns, miniatures of romans and other cowboys in the lack of dynamite.

Where the film succeeds, it is to put a little order to the children were allowed to see the film because the afternoon with the grand-mother has been cancelled at the last moment.

Truce of bassesses, Night at The Museum is an adaptation of a children’s book written by the Croatian author Milan Trenc.

The different scenes of the museum – the miniature romans and americans, the pharaoh, the indians and other men of Neanderthals – have the advantage of entertaining, and it is sometimes all that is required of a film. Not to mention, the only presence worthy of the name in this film, Robin Williams (August Rush, Final Cut, Ms-Oriented), which has invested heavily in the film preparing for his role.

Actually, you can also include in the credits the “great” Mickey Rooney. Small role, it is now the present of any actor in the end-of-life and which does not bring back enough dollars in the coffers of producers.

The frame of the film is simple, it is not there to confuse the mind of the viewer, far from it. This, however, we sometimes become aware of the History of our world and the vastness of our past. Sometimes.

Larry is a divorced father and no longer has the estimated discounted in the eyes of his son. The latter is happy to see it as a loser and no longer has the same complicity as before. Larry does everything to reconsider, in the eyes of his son, the light that he has known before. The film is the parallel between this family history and the weird things that happen in this museum each night.

The sauce father/son does not really, the cliché of this duo, lost and then found again, and the dialogue bland and predictable only spoil the pleasure we take to see the funny side and adventurous film.

You dreaming to see Ben Stiller in a role closer to his age and especially in a less comical, less dramatic as in these nights spent at the Museum of Natural History.

The director Shawn Levy continues to be pre-teen, after , for Better and For Laughter, Thirteen to the Dozen or The Pink Panther. With special effects and more. Those of Jim Rygiel (the Lord of The Rings, Narnia). The beautiful mechanics !

Some will be waiting for the may 20, 2009 forward to since the film will be a sequel, with actors already present in this first volume : Shawn Levy, Ben Stiller, Robin Williams, Owen Wilson, among others. And still achieved by Levy. A surprise to see Alain Chabat as Napoleon, not to be missed !

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