Therha performance of the bellas on the occasion of the birthday of the President of the Republic of the United States, the pants Fat Amy crack. This scandal causes the exclusion of the bellas in the upcoming national championships and forbids them to audition new recruits. The only way for the group to maintain its existence is to win the international championships of singers a cappella. Desperate to survive, the bellas have to face a formidable opponent : the German group Das Sound Machine.

Some of the members atypical of the group are almost non-existent, or invisible, to new silhouettes bimbos make cameo appearances in the background of the musical performances and the fine resume of the song ” as it should “, the group has changed… and not for the better. The originality, the diversity, and the “non-respectability” of the characters have been sold for a return to tradition and to the discipline. The bellas have nothing more of looseuses that we have been able to enjoy in the first volume. They have become nice girls to dad/mom to appeal to a wider audience and more conformist.

Beca is now a trainee in a production house to a mix of christmas carols (seriously, in the month of July in France, but especially in the month of may in the United States you prepare for christmas already???). Fat Amy finally decides to “settle” for good with a Bumper and to lead a “normal” life. And the new arrival Emily perpetuates the legacy of his mother and Chloe (who is transformed into a dragon, the reigning mercilessly on the group). It goes over the top and it drips of good feelings to become cloying. All the charm of the characters caricatured and often extremist of the first component is evaporated. Only the brief appearance of the character of Aubrey manages to save a few sequences of the film. For a few minutes we find the doubts and the good character of our heroines…before they become the doors lyrics and spears of iron of the tradition.

But more strange still, the film is dispersed without being able to give life to its main characters (Beca, Emily, Chloe , or Fat Amy) and they do exist its secondary characters of all types. The spell the more terrible is probably the one reserved for male characters who fail to become in the second part, that the assert and, incidentally, the “cronies” of the female characters, or a boss bossy. With the multiplication of the slopes narratives (championship, a confrontation with the Das Sound Machine, love story, professional internship) the stories stretch without convincing and without us touching it.

“The film has lost all the flavour and specificity of the first component. The film scatters in the plots with no interest in making looseuses extremists, nice daddy’s girls.”

Yet all the challenges are planned for the bellas of the warriors (to start with the group competitor who has all of a machine honed in order to destroy any opponent). But even this track turns to the ridiculous in the final clash of the two groups and the appalling comment of John (and yes there is that dopey sexist in this chapter also) on the “biggest battle between the U.s. and Germany” at the international championship. Seriously ? Is he mocking-the culture average americans, of our, of one of the characters? The film goes even further when Das Sound Machine to mimic the break of the famous photo Raising the flat on Iwo Jima (photo that is in the center of the film Clint Eastwood : Memories of our fathers), for which Joe Rosenthal was awarded the Prize Putlizer. This is the last straw. Unlike the first part, which managed to mock all pretty effectively, the humor of the second part is cringe by its bad taste.

Some entertainment films manage to fill a staging almost non-existent by a sense of humor, a sub-text and characters searched and effective. The games of words and traits of mind can make us forget a certain lack of originality in a scenario too classic, offbeat characters can fill the absence of a staging of the musical numbers choreographed with care, can substitute games of light licked. This is not the case for PITCH PERFECT 2. The film scatters in the plots without flavor. A failure on the line.





– critical HIT GIRLS (Pitch Perfect 1)

• Original title : Pitch Perfect 2

• Achievement : Elizabeth Banks

• Screenplay : Kay Cannon based on the work of Mickey Rapkin

• Main actors : Anna Kendrick, Skylab Astin, Anna Camp, Brittany Snow, Rebel Wilson, Ester Dean, Adam DeVine, Hailee Steinfeld, Hana Mae Lee, Ben Platt, Birgitte Hjort Storensen, Flula Borg

• Country of origin : us

• Release : 22 July 2015

• Duration : 1h54min

• Distributor : Universal Pictures International France

• Synopsis :The Barden Bellas are back to rock the world in Pitch Perfect 2, sequel to The Hit Girls, which told the story of a band of adorable young girls a bit marginal, which only had one point in common : their voices are unforgettable when they were singing together and formed one. It’s been three years ago that the Bellas were imposed as the first all-female group to win a national title thanks to their voices, their style and their attitude is recognizable between all. But when they find themselves delisted after a scandal which could compromise their last year at Barden, our three champions to the fighting spirit, believe that, this time, they have lost the game…


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