Too serious for a series B, and not enough to become a good blockbuster, it is clear from Power Rangers is a hybrid product which no one really knows what audience it is intended.

From the beginning, the idea of doing a reboot of the franchise, Power Rangers (adapted from the japanese series Super sentai, and after adjustments for the 1995 and 1997) had something to smile about, or even snap at the highest point as the argument of the nostalgia jumpstarts everything and anything. A symbol of the pop culture, let’s face it, is strongly marked by his time. Two choices presented themselves then to Hollywood to get rid of his ringardise allowed ; opt for the irony (21 Jump Street, Baywatch), that is, for maturity, visual and thematic. Here, it is the second option that has been chosen. The director Dean three religions: and all the production that accompanies it offer a representation of darker Power Rangers, young ordinary people chosen to don a suit of super-heroes. Already with his very bad Project Almanac, the film director put in the scene of the teenage characters in the face of an extraordinary situation (the discovery of a machine to travel in time), comparing them to their responsibilities. With the same heaviness, in the staging, as in the approach to his subjects, Dean for three religions: manages, one time only, to offer a honest approach of POWER RANGERS, before collapsing when the universe of the franchise is truly and inevitably surface.

It all starts with Jason (Dacre Montgomery, the Zac Efron of the poor), captain of the football team high school star in his hometown, Angel Grove, glued to the end of the year to have put a cow in the locker room of the high school (and, incidentally, have caused various accidents on the run). Room restraint, he met Billy and Kimberly, respectively characterized as “autistic” and “bitch” (the consideration of the latter, following the evil done to a friend). This small troupe who will judge and gauge in the dining room of glue, completed by Trini (who moved too often to build relationships and dare not speak of his homosexuality) and Zack (who lives in a caravan with her sick mother) would remind of a certain Breakfast Club (1985) John Hughes. With characters, although all stereotyped, marked by personal problems related to social pressure, often caused by the parents themselves. Of course, because of the total lack of subtlety in the approach to the character of the protagonists, the latter are often more laughable than actually touching and moving. Nevertheless, there is in this naivety is something quite nice. And finally, in a context where the blockbusters of the time (and especially those of the super-hero) to follow a set of specifications that are extremely precise and leave nothing to chance, this lightness turns out to be significant. Only, it is precisely in this ambiguity that surrounds the tone of the film that POWER RANGERS finally break his teeth into the last part.

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Both serious, but not too much, which can afford a realization of the often coarse, POWER RANGERS does not present itself as a series B that we would take with the second degree (as could be xXx , for example), but rather like a teen movie without originality. Thus, as soon as imaging old school associated with the franchise finally surface, a form of inconsistency is felt leading to a bad blockbuster. Swinging the fan service free, fighting as little exciting as those of the series of the 1990s, a large monster golden visually indigestible and Elizabeth Banks in free-wheel until the final ridiculous, the film is a approach adult (or rather, a teenager, should not be overstated) to the purely childish. However, this is perhaps not so much the starting product that requires such a result, but really the choices of a generation wanting to reach the wider public, seeking modernisation to reboot while remaining too hung up on the past. This could have given rise to worse as the movie, but it was also possible to propose a lot better, and it… It must not be forgotten. We look back at the short film brutal that had made Joseph Kahn, which featured the death of the heroes, and only kept from Power Rangers, in the middle of gunfights and bloody, that the name and the costume. An independent film and non-official to be discovered here, which, with its “little ways,” offered a result that is more significant than that blockbuster.

Stone Siclier

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Original title : Saban’s Power Rangers

Achievement : Dean For Three Religions:

Screenplay : John Gatins

Main players : Dacre Montgomery, RJ Cyler, Naomi Scott

Release Date : April 5, 2017

Duration : 2h04min

2.0final grade
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