[critical] R. I. P. D. BRIGADE FANTÔME

The irascible and undisciplined Roy is assigned as the new team mate fire Nick Walker, a young police officer from Boston, recently deceased. The two “men” are going to have to swallow their antipathy respective to carry out their mission. When they discover a plot that could end life as we have always known, the two aces of the R. I. P. D. have only one option : to restore the cosmic balance in order for the tunnel that leads to the beyond does not fill up sudden the inverse function and does not precipitate the advent of the dead.

Author’s Note


Release Date : July 31, 2013

Directed by Robert Schwentke

Film american

With Ryan Reynolds, Jeff Bridges, Kevin Bacon, Mary Louise Parker

Duration : 1h36min

Original title : R. I. P. D.

Trailer :

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Gosh ! I admit that I was expecting very little when I went to the cinema to see R. I. P. D. : Brigade Ghost. But a vacuum such as outer leaves me speechless ! Then of course, the summer is conducive to the films a little more relaxed, hassle-free, without too many pretensions with its blockbusters and comedies gentillettes, but the copy made with this feature is simply an affront to the portfolios of the spectators !

The formula exhausted by the duo of cops composed of an old veteran and a young beginner does not work very well from the beginning : the mayonnaise does not between the two actors and there is a kind of dialogue of the deaf between a Jeff Bridges cabotinant a little too much and Ryan Reynolds also inappropriate that in his recent other roles in action films. If we add to this cast a Mary Louise Parker who is in the same register as Bridges, that is to say cabotinant a little too much, and Kevin Bacon as villain to be relatively effective but terribly cartoonish, it will be seen that from the choice of ingredients, the dish is hardly engaging.

The humor is bottom of the range, the film is agreed, no chemistry between the actors, everything is predictable : nothing to save !

Add to it the programs pre… Oh, no ! Forgiveness ! For originality we revert ! Here, we review a Men In Black of the poor, in spite of the sums (important) involved in the project : the German film director Robert Schwentke, who had laid a Red rather effective in 2010 (also from a comic book), uses and abuses of zooms, dives, etc .. One is to wonder if there is not a ploy to fill the void storyline some of R. I. P. D. : Brigade Ghost. And in view of its short duration (1h36), we would have wanted to make a (bad) pilot tv series SOS Fantomes instead of a true blockbuster summer that I would not be surprised !

No, really : go your way. The humor is bottom of the range, the film is agreed, no chemistry between the actors, everything is predictable : nothing to save ! Good going, I’m going to say the property of Mary Louise Parker and Jeff Bridges. But really it’s just because summer makes me of good composition. 1h36 cinematically unnecessary, that’s all !

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