After countless praise I’ve recently fallen for watching Rectify. Series superb, and criticized there is little, of the Sundance Channel. Praise, yes, but critical also. In fact, the series has divided the public and many people accused him of not reach the quality of TOP of THE LAKE, is a series produced by the Sundance Channel, particularly at the level of the quality and mastery of rhythm, contemplative and slow. Well, me, I have not found it. Rectify was very well controlled, and TOP OF THE LAKE.

Anyway, all that to say that I discovered TOP OF THE LAKE”, thanks to Rectify. As soon as I can put something that I like, I do it, it is like that. But to return to the comparison of the two sets, necessarily, at the level of “prestige” TOP OF THE LAKE is a notch above the rest. Why ? Because, this series is a series presented in major festivals (Berlin, Sundance, Cannes), and it was Jane Campion for the creation. And yeah.

Then necessarily there is “Campion’s Touch” but countless specialists much more qualified than my sad person have been analyzed and decrypted this famous influence through the work. I inherited so all my gratitude and my respect, since I am billions of miles to have the knowledge that they possess. Now that that’s done.

In a word : awesome.

Me, my “talent” (I hope it doesn’t sound too pompous) it is the policeman and the criminal. So let’s try a bit of talk about it. Finally it’s going to be very fast : it is excellent. Here it is.

No seriously, the plot and its complexity are simply high-quality. Everything is rich and worked in every detail and this provides us with a police investigation of large-scale, multiple springs, and themes embraced many. Indeed, the strength of a good police officer is, through a simple story, to deploy ramifications revolving around the human so bloated but, also, well worked. And that is where the series hits hard. Very strong. The good/bad, women/men, the place of women and the violence is made, the parentage, the education, the power… In seven episodes, the series happens to brew a amount absolutely mind-blowing themes, and, all beautifully researched, crafted, detailed and excellently treated.

TOP OF THE LAKE ” leads us into the depths abyssal human and this, in a very beautiful way. The series is very pessimistic, and black, and one then observes the human comedy struggle in vain in our eyes. The protagonists are fighting, struggling, without being able to pop its head out of the water. So everyone has his own life and tries selfishly to lead his life in a way that could make him, not beautiful, but just less painful and hard. The fates are therefore forged, and the well-defined characters. A special mention must be awarded to the series for the quality of its cast and its characters. All roles are deeply successful and well treated. And ,thanks to the slow ambient of the series that allows an effective presentation of the characters. The psychology of each is detailed, well-researched and, above all, credible. Of course, some stand out as Elisabeth Moss, perfect in the inspector determined, the little Jacqueline Joe, exceptional in his role, and especially Peter Mullan, devilishly convincing as father and master of the city.

The city. The place. A full-fledged character too. On the one hand, I challenges you to not be impressed by the landscapes. And, therefore by the quality of the achievement that happens in a few strokes of the camera, to grasp the immensity, the strength and fragility of the place. The atmosphere thus generated is overpowering and fascinating. One is completely captivated and enthralled by this place, and this then gives an extra dimension to this unusual story. It is off the beaten path and all known pattern. Exit the 4×4 american or other, sordid alleyways of New York. Because, on the other hand, the location allows the appearance of a special atmosphere, which is directly attached with special codes for inter-human and the mode of operation of the inhabitants of the village. It is then immersed in a new atmosphere, a new law, a new way of thinking. We broke into the manners of the inhabitants of a place far away from us. And the strength of the series is to make us fully enter in a few minutes in, and we remember the time as the series unfolds.

Everything is rich and worked in every detail and this provides us with a police investigation of large-scale, multiple springs, and themes embraced many.

To keep us in suspense throughout the six hours total for the duration of the series, you can count on the achievement. In fact, if the place and the landscapes are so important and valued, it is thanks to great technique. The shots are accurate and searched and the photo is superb. The aesthetic harmony of the series adds a touch of attractive in addition to a series that was already of asset. But more than being an accessory, the achievement is part of the series. Understand that the beauty and the technical quality is actually perfectly to the series and makes it completely part. It is a true centerpiece that allows for ambivalence and existential with the rest of the series. Without such a beautiful achievement, the series would not be what it is. And without such a series, a such research and perfection of achievement would not have been made. For proof, the many figure of cinematic style : the place called ” Paradise “, the symbolism of water and the lake… The series is full of details and attention. It is both delicate and sought after, and hard worked. In a word : awesome.

The series is great. Beautiful, beautifully staged, it transports us and get us to a slow trip, in-depth, unique, special, endearing, and confusing. A series that is out of the ordinary, worked, sought out and the special atmosphere that assumes its choice and that is to take them on ! A universe, a survey, a pessimism magnificent fully revealed in a final episode, mind-blowing, the atmosphere disturbing, characters that are extraordinary, in short, a series of unique to see !



Tui, a young girl aged 12 years old and 5 months pregnant, disappears after they have been found in the frozen waters of a lake in the corner. In charge of the investigation, detective Robin Griffin faces very quickly to Matt Mitcham, the father of the young disappeared, which also happens to be a baron of the drug but also to G. J., a guru acting in a camp for women. Very delicate, the case will eventually have an impact personal on Robin Griffin, testing unceasingly, its limits and its emotions…

Seasons : 1

Number of episodes : 7

Format : 45 minutes

Date of 1st broadcast, US : March 18, 2013 (Sundance Channel)

Date of 1st broadcast EN : 7 November 2013 (Arte)

Original title : Top Of The Lake

Creation : Jane Campion, Gerard Lee

With Elisabeth Moss, Peter Mullan, Holly Hunter, David Wenham, Jacqueline Joe, Thomas M. Wright

Trailer :

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