CHURCH IN RUINS prolongs the tension installed in episode 5. Ended the hesitation of the beginning of the season, up to the effectiveness. The great puzzle that Nic Pizzolatto had hinted at, is revealed in fact to be a case of “classic.”


Among all the indices generated in the previous episodes and all the tracks that were ultimately dead ends, it is ultimately the hard drive stolen from Caspere that is emerging as the key to the mystery. The private party, in which our hero infiltrates was already mentioned in the very first episodes.

But this return to basics is not displeasing to us. The plot tightens around a few tracks, no need to sit through sermons mystical and the camera has stopped to float in the air – any air plan of highway in CHURCH IN RUINS – to focus on the characters ‘ faces. This episode is the most embodied of all, which gives us the impression of watching “true detectives” to the action. The final scene, brilliantly done, even allows you to Nic Pizzolatto returning to the genre that he has made us rediscover, the black film between naturalism and expressionism, while redefining once more the codes that govern it.

Hallucinatory, visceral, and nervous. Anyone who looks at CHURCH IN RUINS will not be looking at their phone or take a look through the window. Nic Pizzolatto gives us – finally – to what we asked of him, while managing to not to copy the season 1 of TRUE DETECTIVE.

Without too much advance, we can say that season 2 of TRUE DETECTIVE is a good story. One wonders, however, on the time required for Nic Pizzolatto to lay his plot. If tacitly accept the traditional rule of the three acts to divide a story, the season 2 has put almost 4 episodes to tell the first act, 2 episodes for the second act, and we imagine that the following 2 will be dedicated to the resolution of this anthology.

Of course, the resulting printout is a constant acceleration, a crescendo of standing to what one imagines to be an explosion that will shake the town’s corrupt Vinci. However, we do not understand the need of all these details about the past lives of the three detectives (Ray Velcoro – Colin Farrell, Ani Bezzerides – Rachel McAdams and Paul Woodrugh – Taylor Kitsch) and mobster Frank Semyon (aka Vince Vaughn). Regardless of the final outcome of this season 2, we can’t get out of your head that it could have been shorter. Probably that Nic Pizzolatto was caught out by the format that he himself has imposed : one season, eight episodes. Floats the impression that the showrunner of TRUE DETECTIVE has stretched on 8 episodes, a very good story that could unfold on 4h without problem.

Of all the neuroses of which we have presented the details only the ‘dysfunctional’ relationship of Ray with his son turns out to have a concrete effect on the plot, but also on the characterization of his character.

CHURCH IN RUINS , once again, gives lots of opportunity for Colin Farrell to show us his talent. Looking back at the previous episodes, it is surprising to find a relationship unexpectedly, Ray with his role in the excellent Bons Baisers de Bruges. The relationship of Ray with his son in a CHURCH IN RUINS takes a turn as unexpected as tasty. Even if having to watch a child eat a pizza was never so cruel.

“Hallucinatory, visceral, and nervous.”

CHURCH IN RUINS looks with even more of a pleasure that no false note is this : aesthetic choices, soundtrack, editing and direction of the actors make this episode a piece of cinema, that few series have managed to do. The final CHURCH IN RUINS has a lot in the appreciation of the episode, because it is built on all the tension accumulated so far, and managed yet again to step up our involvement. This climax is much more spectacular and original than that of the end of episode 4, Down will come, with a choice of realization, however, is more simple, but much more effective.

This episode 6 of season 2 of TRUE DETECTIVE also recalling the best moments from episode 4 of season 1, which is considered the climax of the first anthology. This approximation strengthens the impression that the exposure of that season 2 has been far too long.

Now the hard part has been done, we are waiting for the conclusion of this story to find out if our patience was justified. In the meantime, with CHURCH IN RUINS, you can tell your friends jaded, yes, TRUE DETECTIVE season 2 is well worth it.


Summary of episodes

Original title : Church in Ruins

Achievement : Miguel Sapochnik

Screenplay : Nic Pizzolatto

Main actors : Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, Taylor Kitsch, Kelly Reilly and Vince Vaughn

Country of origin : USA

Output : 27/07/15

Duration : 59′

Distributor : HBO/OCS

Synopsis : A murder, strange gathers three investigators and a criminal, who must each fight their way through the conspiracies of Vinci

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