BLACK MAPS AND MOTEL ROOMS is a sight strange : great moments alternate with passages that are ridiculous.

This is going to be hard not to spoiler, so avoid reading this who are hiding under the tags “spoilers” if you haven’t seen this EPISODE 7.

We had left our three investigators (Ray Velcoro – Colin Farrell, Ani Bezzerides – Rachel McAdams and Paul Woodrugh – Taylor Kitsch) on a final intense and breathless (see episode 6). Rather than sink the nail and increase the pressure on the three cops, they calmly back to their breath in a succession of hotel rooms carpet and wallpaper yellow piss.

After the soap opera (see “Vinci your pitiless universe”, episode 4) TRUE DETECTIVE leans to the theatre, filmed in his first-ever third-party. It is feared at this time to fall back into the worst through the season 2 (dialogues endless, static, and uninteresting).

Not believable but still very addictive, this EPISODE 7 looks at himself with pleasure. A doubt weighs, of course, the conclusion that approach : all of this has-does it make sense ? There is only one remaining episode to fix everything, and with BLACK MAPS AND MOTEL ROOMS moves away a little more the possibility that all questions are answers. In general, this episode is not worth for its storyline, but rather for the performance of the actors, who manage to make us believe in the most improbable situations.

Installed in a hotel room, the three “true detective” will discuss all of the implications of the documents they had found in the thin part of the previous episode. A shot of “shit” and “fuck” you will have the details of what that seems to mean the whole vase raised by the murder of Caspere. As we said at the beginning that Vinci is a city of corruption, one is not too surprised, to the reverse of the characters.

What they understand…or not.

Frowning to read the Russian names associated with officials of the city, three of our investigators believe they have found a pattern. Can be. Because eventually all the pieces (diamonds, millions stolen, traffic of influences, etc) do not stick quite.

On his side, the very strong Frank Semyon (aka Vince Vaughn) moves to something other than his eyebrows in this episode. With the elements that he has brought back Frank and those he has gleaned from his side, he no longer has doubt about the one who betrayed him, and what it involves. There are real movie moment, a tension that sets in. The mafia knows in danger, and he must act quickly and with precision. Frank is a predator that it has shown us in several facets. Even if it does not too much further the interest of we have talked about his marital problems, this is clearly a character that has been mounted in the power episode after episode. His behavior in BLACK MAPS AND MOTEL ROOMS thus appears completely coherent.

And the culprit is…

This nice Blake, right arm of Frank and son-in-law perfect, was actually a traitor (surprise). The questioning and the execution that it undergoes, apply only to the performance of the two actors, more just that during the fighting with the bar manager in Maybe Tomorrow. In fact, if Blake has betrayed Frank for them hook [up] with the Russians, he does not know who killed Caspere… elsewhere, “nobody knows !” So what is the interest vis-à-vis history ? Not a great thing. Still, the scene is well shot and the tension is palpable throughout this confrontation the long-awaited.
Franck meets Rabbi Jacob

Then necessarily as eaters of smelly cheeses, they sometimes lack some cultural codes typically american. I want to believe that the hasidic community is more represented in the USA, but it is necessary that the henchmen of a sort of lender on the security of jewish – that is when even as a stereotype – are the wrapper ? For Frank, in any case, it doesn’t look funny at all, and some twitching of the eyelids of the Vince Vaughn we are to accept the meeting.

As the cops as the criminals become aware of the implications of the cards they have in hand, they are going to want to shelter their loved ones. In this survival reflex, there is an interesting observation between the mafia and the investigators, are supposed to be the other side. This parallel is not dissimilar to the one between Robert De Niro and Al Pacino in “Heat” by Michael Mann.

“Little credible but very addictive, this episode looks at himself with pleasure. A doubt weighs on the conclusion that approach : all of this has-does it make sense ?”

BLACK MAPS AND MOTEL ROOMS is a concentrate of all the defects and all the qualities of this season 2. The dialogues are not all credible, but allows each character to confront the other, through the “couple” that they form the space of an instant. The reason for the face-to-face emerges clearly from this episode, and it is the echo of all the plans previously seen in this season 2, putting two isolated figures in a setting uncluttered. Long moments devoted to looks, some embarrassed, other inquisitors. Nic Pizzolatto draws characters in a hollow, only determined by the matchups that other characters allow them.


In this sense, when Paul falls on her lover-master singer in the underground of the city, it will do anything to avoid his gaze. But the shooting that will follow will kill all of his opponents, including his former comrade of the army. In the same plane, we see Paul and the body of the man who represents his impulse, inert. Paul looks up to the man he has just slain, but no cross-field will not appear on the face of the dead, that we running out the back. Paul leaves the tunnel to be cut down further by a sniper… in the back. The irony of this dear Nic : denying his homosexuality, Paul ran to his loss. As he told his lover before the shooting does not fire, all this would never have happened. The confrontation with this aspect of his personality that Paul refuses to admit the condemned to no longer exist. If Paul did most of the opponent, it seems that for Nic Pizzolatto , the character no longer has interest. So it removes it.

Very in withdrawals during the episode, Ani and Ray will mainly discuss the consequences of their past choices. The action happens elsewhere : Franck removes rust its opponents in round-arm while Paul dodge as a result of disturbing messages. Long scenes of discussion between Ray and Ani are supposed to make us understand that the two of them get closer, get to know each other. The denouement of this bubble of good feelings, is not acceptable in the light of what Ray has gone through, and the emotion that Colin Farrell has instilled in these events (mourning of his integrity as a cop and then his paternity).


The evolution of Paul is, therefore, to the extreme reverse of that of Ani and Ray to force them to discuss their past mistakes, and end up with the help of several glasses of cheap liquor to fall into the arms of one another (yes, they are kisses and more if affinity). On paper, this finding of a relationship – especially conflict so far – seems hardly credible. Yet, Colin Farrell and Rachel McAdams arrive to make us believe this “coup de foudre.” Maybe it will dissipate with the fumes from the alcohol, but this approximation is touching, while being artificial. Once again, we should acknowledge the performance of the actors who were able to over the episodes better and better embody their character, finding something authentic beyond the convolutions philosophical Nic Pizzolatto.

We can say that the creator of TRUE DETECTIVE has the sense of the tragic, even if it passes by an irony quite disturbing.

Tragedy when you hold us !

The author of TRUE DETECTIVE would have been able to finish just on the body lying Paul. But he reminds us that his pregnant wife and his mother are still waiting in the hotel room. His son will be born, therefore, without a father… just as Paul himself, who has developed a relationship very ambiguous with his mother. We found the pessimistic and deterministic Nic Pizzolatto, who has repeatedly insisted on the idea of a world without hope. But when the moral lesson is summarized in a single plane, one is forced to greet the master of the screenwriter and the director. At the same time, it keeps the feeling that such a turnaround would have happened much earlier in the series, and thus enable the writer to make the “household” by ejecting a character more than a secondary.

Feeling of unfinished business when the opening credits unfold. We had great fun with Frankthe-hand-heavy and Paul-the-trigger, but that is what could be going interesting now that Ray and Ani have found so many common points ? Why are they motivated to solve the murder of Caspere ? The sub-plot of Paul has certainly found a conclusion moral interesting, but it keeps the print from being deceived with this part of the story. Is that it ? If the entire plot follows the evolution of this character, the end of season 2 of TRUE DETECTIVE is likely to be very very disappointing.

The good moments of this season are floating independently of each other. One remembers with pleasure the hallucination of Ray at the beginning of Maybe Tomorrow, his discussion of the father-son on the couch, in Church, in Ruins or still the beating of BLACK MAPS AND MOTEL ROOMS. But it lacks an axis clear this season in order to satisfy the followers of the “binch ” watching” (addict, you watch all the episodes at once).

Like the rest of season 2, this EPISODE 7 has had the courage to try a lot of things are risky, sometimes successful, sometimes much less. Pleasant for its experimental nature and non-conformist, TRUE DETECTIVE is no less confusing. All these approximations may seem anecdotal if the outcome brings us a reversal of the situation credible, surprising, and creative. Now one has the sense that Nic Pizzolatto wants to give to this conundrum, and the clarity with which he will state his message in spite of its tendencies crypto-metaphysical. Answer the 10 August.


Summary of episodes

Original title : Black maps and Motel Rooms

Achievement : Daniel Attias

Screenplay : Nic Pizzolatto

Main actors : Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, Taylor Kitsch, Kelly Reilly and Vince Vaughn

Country of origin : USA

Output : 02/08/15

Duration : 59′

Distributor : HBO/OCS

Synopsis : A murder, strange gathers three investigators and a criminal, who must each fight their way through the conspiracies of Vinci

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