[critical] Shaun Of The Dead

For almost 30 years, Shaun does not have large-thing of his life. Between the apartment he shares with his buddy always and the time he spends with him at the pub, Liz, his girlfriend, has not a lot of space. She would like to that Shaun is committed, can no longer bear to see it lying around. Exasperated by his empty promises and his inability to devote a little of their relationship, Liz decides to break. Shaun is decided to repair them all and so what if the zombies descend on London, so much the worse if the city becomes a living hell. Entrenched in his favorite pub, the time has come for him to finally show what he is capable of…

Author’s Note


Release Date : July 27, 2005

Directed by Edgar Wright

Film british

With Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Kate Ashfield

Duration : 1h39min

Trailer :

Between the banal parody, and dull copy, I feared the worst with this Shaun Of The Dead, since the announced goal of this work is to render homage to the zombie films of the excellentissime George A. Romero through a romantic comedy. I had it all wrong…

Shaun is a thirty-year-old inked into his pale existence : a girlfriend tired of him, a best friend quite cumbersome, a job depressing… it All starts with this day craps where Liz, the girlfriend of Shaun, decides to break. After a night alcoholic, Shaun wakes up and realizes not without difficulty that the zombies have taken control of London. The perfect opportunity to show what he is able to win back his girlfriend…

Shaun Of The Dead is fear, think, laugh especially.

I was impressed by this balance almost perfectly between comedy and zombie flick, ever the film falls into the anything in each of the two styles. The approach is comical and the climate is good mood… That’s why all the gags, from the smallest to the largest, easiest to the more subtle, can trigger a smile or laugh, and yet the threatening situations for the characters evoke real emotions…

For cause, all the characters have a real personality, all the roles are interesting. The duo Pegg (Shaun) and Frost (Ed) is entering, in tune, and this is not a coincidence : the two players know each other very well since they are the creators and actors in a british series called Spaced. Shaun is a character hilarious, looser and awkward, it also appears to be engaging in this clumsy human, not to mention the stunning interpretation of Edgar Wright…

The impeccable production, dynamic (these short pick-up shots between the two scenes) and a fluidity impressive (the very long scene where Shaun goes and come back from the supermarket).

Finally, Shaun Of The Dead proves to be a social critique, that of a population, such as anesthetized by their train, morose and devoid of interest, and the film ” the shouts well, he has to do is watch the first few minutes of the credits. To believe that it is to the dead and wake the living…

To conclude, Shaun Of The Dead is a complete success. Two divergent aspects of the film, intimately and intelligently connected, all with a british. The film has managed to create a true identity, both as a parody the gore and comedy of the original, Shaun Of The Dead is fear, think, laugh especially. Not to mention the many nods to Romero and the movies, zombies in general, enjoyable for fans of the genre.

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