The story of ALONE AGAINST ALL: Bennet Omalu (Will Smith), doctor emeritus, but anonymous, reviews, by chance, a case of death with strange symptoms. He will discover, as well as the famous encephalopathies traumatic chronic (CTE), of which the main impacted are the players of american football, and by extension any industry that relies on them. Omalu will then become the target of attacks in the NFL, seeking to discredit him to avoid any conflict of interest.

There was the possibility to query through the character of Omalu, the sacro-saint American Dream. His perception naive by the non-american (Omalu is a nigerian), the immemorial mass immigration that it generates (the quest for the recognition and naturalization of Omalu), deviant behaviour and concerned it may cause (Omalu does he not provided only by pride ?), or even the place of foreign and more especially of the blackin american society…

However, ALONE does not bother really of such questions. He prefers to tell us about a real fiction of the cinema, through a real fictional character, both of which, paradoxically, from a true story. Omalu, like a Stephen Hawking or Alan Turing, represents the altruistic absolute which is concealed in the body of a genius autistic and/or lonely, the one to be able to develop this major discovery that will serve the common good. Exactly the kind of character that the film loves (and more specifically the Oscars), which can become the center of a film obscuring somewhat the importance of his discoveries for the benefit of a success story showing the famous steps leading from anonymity to recognition by all.

So, how do you not see a choice opportunistic by Will Smith, through what appears as a film order is fully turned to the iconisation of his protagonist ? The writing is transforming so many aspects (dialogues, interactions, situations, scenario development) do-assert Omalu, while Will Smith and his interpretation, while histrionics (emphasis nigerian is forced, the pout of the guy perpetually concentrate…) are by default placed at the top of incarnations, flat secondary characters archetypes also serving as foils. Bennet Omalu, a man yet subtle and the bearer of a true message on the state of the american nation, is made smooth and flat by story choices, seeking at any price to get rid of any psychology, contrast or complexity.

ALONE AGAINST ALL this appears especially, as an illustration, without imagination the great moral popular that defines theAmerican Dream : the strength of personal effort and sacrifice intimate, ambition and commitment will eventually be rewarded. YEAH.

“ALONE AGAINST ALL gives the disturbing impression of wanting to absolutely make the film accessible and a story that did not lend itself to.”

On the other hand, the movie suffers from another problem : its about the bottom, a material little empathy or backbone of a point of view film, opposed to the reach heroic as they tries desperately to sell us on the scenario.

Because, it is not dealt with in ALONE AGAINST ALL, a cause to defend, political, social, or even international… But conflicts of interest within a close group. Difficult to hang on to the cause of men as far removed from the reality of daily life that the american football players. And then, without questioning the importance of the work of Dr. Omalu, it was understood quite immediately that the violent shocks sustained by the football players could be the cause of neuropathologies.

Thus, some questions of interest arise inevitably : why spend 3/4 of the movie to popularize the objectives and medical impacts on the protagonists, while all of this was obvious from the generic ?

Instead, why not develop the ethical and socio-economic generated by this discovery ?

Why so much emphasis towards the victims, when they are quite aware of the danger of their profession ?

The answers, however, lie yet one more time in this willingness to put Will Smith and his character at the centre of all issues, at the expense of any complexity or roughness moral.

© Sony Pictures Releasing France

© Sony Pictures Releasing France

My problem with ALONE is that this kind of works academic in favor of a good story (according to the criteria hollywood entertainment) to a good (subjective criterion, anyway)… It does not interest me.

Unable to put the side “the film that I would have liked to see” the profit “film that offers me” , I can’t help to bring it closer to these Birdman or other Imitation Game, which seem to me designed only to steal an Oscar performance, to flatter the pride of the artists involved, not to serve their enthralling subject. I compare it to other films, such as Spotlight which, starting from a level of ambition similar (to mix film, drama-human, about society, and denunciation) were much more convincing with this total confidence in their subject, and by those few bias on the part of anti-consensual, particularly in terms of accessibility.

In ALONE AGAINST ALL, a subject-a controversy based on a true story, the scandal itself is incidental to the success story of its donor alert. The film is constructed in a unbearable manichaeism iconisant without nuance or subtlety this kind of characters as heroic, embodying theAmerican Dream, defending the victims of daily life in the face of their executioners, the untouchables, and willing to suffer personally to complete their cause and selfless… The kind of film that gives the disturbing impression of wanting to absolutely make the film accessible and a story that did not lend itself to, but the complexity of which appears in spite of the treatment that in fact the writing. Damage.




Original title : Misappropriation of public funds

Production : Peter Landesman

Screenplay : Peter Landesman, based on Jeanne Marie Laskas

Main actors : Will Smith, Alec Baldwin, Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Country of origin : England, Australia, U. S. A.

Released : march 9, 2016

Duration : 2h03min

Distributor : Sony Pictures Releasing France

Synopsis : Dr. Bennet Omalu, a neuropathologist of forensic medicine, has led a worthy fight of David against Goliath : he was the first to discover chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a brain disease linked to the practice of sport among professional players, and has made significant attempts to prove its existence against those who bothered him. The crusade of Omalu’s countered dangerously close to one of the institutions the most powerful in the world…

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