[critical] Sherlock Holmes 2 – Game of Shadows

Synopsis :
Sherlock Holmes has always been renowned for being the man to mind the sharper of his time. Until the day the fearsome professor James Moriarty, criminal and intellectual power comparable to that of the famous detective, makes his entrance scene… He even probably have a net benefit on Holmes because he not only puts his intelligence at the service of dark designs, but it is totally devoid of moral sense. Everywhere in the world, the press ignites : it teaches that, in India, a magnate of the cotton is ruined by a scandal, or in China for a trafficker of opium, died, apparently of a drug overdose, or that the attacks occurred in Strasbourg and Vienna, and the United States, a baron of the steel comes to die…

Nobody sees the link between these events that seem unrelated, except the great Sherlock Holmes who discerns the same evil will to sow death and destruction. And these crimes all carry the mark of the sinister Moriarty. While their investigation leads them in France, in Germany and Switzerland, Holmes and Watson are taking more and more risks. But Moriarty is always a step ahead and seems close to achieving his goal. If it is found, not only his fortune and his power will be limitless, but the course of History could be changed forever…

Author’s Note


Release Date : January 25, 2012

Directed by Guy Ritchie

Film american

With Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, Jared Harris, Noomi Rapace, Rachel McAdams

Duration : 2h07min

Original title : Sherlock Holmes : A Game of Shadows

Trailer :

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This second installment of the saga of Guy Ritchie extends the atmosphere of the movie of 2009. We find this duo thunderous (and often funny) that make up Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. The acolytes will battle the towers fiendish professor Moriarty.

On the side of the actors, Robert Downey Jr. plays as well as a Sherlock Holmes who is undergoing his genius as much as he is proud. Of course, it is a Sherlock brawler, often dirty and bruised. Jared Harris portrays here the Pr. Moriarty is a very nice way. His game, while retaining hinted at the fury underlying. Jude Law is slightly below its past performance. It loses somewhat of its freshness and seems to have trouble to suggest the strong emotions behind the stoicism of dr. Watson.

If, like me, you suffer from the heaviness of the embodiments of Guy Ritchie (mounting clipesque, slow down the excessive, balourdise music, …) then some passages you will be painful. However, the film is very alert, a quality that is essential to good entertainment. You never get bored. At times, the action scenes seem to have no under story but provide nevertheless a great visual pleasure.

The film is a good entertainment to the extent that we are captivated to a generic one to the other.

The tour de maitre of Guy Ritchie’s lies, according to me, in the confrontation between the detective and Moriarty. The West is a finger of falling into the plans of the professor, and only a mind as bright as hers can thwart his plans. Understand that of Sherlock Holmes. Of course, this world is not very credible but it results in a fight and jubilant between these two enemies playing the fate of the world. The director managed to put a good distance between his protagonists, nor too bundles to be trivial nor too far away to be inaccessible. Their adversity is as much a moral proud, so this is literally a game of chess that is played between them.

The film is a good entertainment to the extent that we are captivated to a generic one to the other. Regarding the carrying out of Guy Ritchie, it will generate followers as opponents.

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