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No enigma does not resist a long time in Sherlock Holmes… Flanked by his faithful friend Doctor John Watson, the intrepid and legendary detective, is stalking relentlessly criminals of all kinds. His weapons : a keen sense of observation and deduction, a scholarship and a curiosity all round; incidentally, a right formidable…

But an unprecedented threat flat today on London – and this is exactly the kind of challenge which our man needs to not sink into boredom and melancholy.

After a series of ritual killings have bloodied London, Holmes and Watson manage to catch the culprit : Lord Blackwood. At the approach of his execution, this sinister adept of the black magic announcement that he will return the kingdom of the dead to perform the most terrible of revenges.

Panic seized the city after the apparent resurrection of Blackwood. Scotland Yard gives his tongue to the cat, and Sherlock Holmes immediately starts with passion in the strangest and most perilous of its investigations…

Author’s Note


Release Date : February 3, 2010

Directed by Guy Ritchie

Film the american, british, australian

With Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, Mark Strong

Duration : 2h 08min

Trailer :

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To hear that Guy Ritchie in person, who had been involved in the realization of the cult figure ofArthur Conan Doyle left me somewhat skeptical at first, the director may from Freestyle and leave behind the essence of the novel, which makes all the charm of Sherlock Holmes. Well mine’s nothing, Ritchie, doing churn and its meninges, has managed the tour de force to revisit this classic of british literature with a class that has no fault in not forgetting absolutely nothing of the charm of yesteryear. From the first seconds, it feels like the director is pleased with this film and the opportunity for us to make fun at the same time.

With Sherlock Holmes, the director of the now cult Snatch and Scams Crimes And Botany do not simply recreate the universe ofArthur Conan Doyle on the big screen or, worse, to do that of the Guy Ritchie , purely and simply. No. The director, who has matured since his early films, has made a mix of the two mixing brilliantly with its two times with a pinch of madness really came. Thus, this Sherlock Holmes the new generation seems to us to be more hardcore and bad boy as the original for the greatest pleasure of the spectators of today (note the very good performance of a Robert Downey Jr. that has not finished to surprise us). And what about this delicious duo of Downey Jr./Law ? Their bickering are the flies at each time and will quickly turn joutes verbales in which black humor is a currency. For a real treat.

Added to this is a plot well-thought-out that keeps us glued to our chairs until the very last second because it has the merit of not falling into the clichés of the genre, or rather fun to manipulate them to muddy the waters, a universe of meticulous (brightness pleasing to the eye, creative decor…) and very beautiful visual effects, especially during battles and explosions accompanied most often by a BO that fits well with the spirit staged. With this film, Guy Ritchie it gives the heart joy and explodes into full maturity, we are proving that it knows how to do anything other than gangster movies and he knows very well the make.

Regarding the potential flaws of the film, I must admit that hot-I can’t see a real if not a few blunders at the level of some of the dialogue that are in lags with the set, and one or two supporting roles poorly calibrated and therefore below but it is only to seek the little beast. Not really defects there are not masses and the film is so entertaining that they go light years above the head.

In the end, Guy Ritchie, which made me a little scared when I heard that he was going to take care of the realisation of such a film (the man being such a free electron that I was afraid that it distorts completely the original work), offers the most beautiful ways a second youth to a myth that has not taken a wrinkle. The director has made an adventure a bit pulled by the hair, where it takes a real pleasure to follow the investigations of our dear friends. 2 hours of the film pass as quickly as a snap of the finger and we are left almost disappointed that it only lasts an hour or more until the whole mount and connects perfectly. You will have understood, this Sherlock Holmes new generation is a little gem that makes me return in this year 2010 with a smile on his lips. Then, while waiting for the result, as a result there will be an appointment on February 3rd in your dark room the nearest.

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