[critical] Silent Hill

More often, the little Sharon’s dream of an abandoned city, Silent Hill. His mother, Rose, decided to understand the strange sickness of her child, decides to accompany him on the spot. Then they will enter this bleak universe, Sharon disappears. Rose starts his pursuit, but soon realizes that this strange place does not resemble anything normal. Drowned in the fog, populated by strange creatures, haunted by the darkness living who eat literally everything they touch, this dimension will gradually deliver his terrifying secret…

With the help of Cybil, the local police, Rose throws herself into a frantic quest to snatch his daughter to the world of Silent Hill. Index tests, it will discover all that Sharon risk, and what it represents in a curse that surpasses all…

Author’s Note


Release Date : April 26, 2006

Directed by Christophe Gans

Film american, japanese, French

With Radha Mitchell, Sean Bean, Laurie Holden

Duration : 2h 07min

Original title : Silent Hill

Trailer :

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The year 2012 will be conducive to the franchise Silent Hill with not less than two exits on the new consoles generations (Silent Hill HD and Silent Hill Downpour), the opportunity was too good to not get back on the adaptation by Christophe Gans of the survival-horror legendary.

Christophe Gans has not to boast of to make five films a year, or be one of those filmmakers eager of greenbacks ready to accept any command. After two short films (Silver Slime and Necronomicon), he actually begins his career in 1995 with the cult but aging Crying Freeman. In 2001 came the turn of the magnetic Pact Of the Wolves and then five years later Silent Hill. Three films in eleven years. Three films scoring in their own way, the three films directed by a master hand, by a maestro of the stage.

A vibrant tribute to a work of world-renowned which, while not omitting any major line of the video game, comes up with a disconcerting ease to have its own identity.

Adapt on the big screen is a franchise of video game success is a company that is more than risky. Resident Evil is a disaster, ambulatory, continuing to flout its creator, Far Cry was a big joke of Uwe Boll, Street Fighter was a disaster, Alone In The Dark is an infamous z series as well as Doom, Hitman, Max Payne, Tekken and so on as the list never ends. Only Prince Of Persia, Postal and Lara Croft were to watch it without too much trouble. Then came the case of Silent Hill, which gave its letters of nobility to the meaning of the word tribute. Because if other developers wanted to pay homage to a video game they loved, they have managed to do fade in shame 90% of the cases. Only Christophe Gans seems to have taken the time to cramming before to erect and unveil his work.

Without the layer sequence on sequence on its counterpart virtual, this adaptation will delight the two main audiences for the film : neophytes who just want to attend a film genre, taking the road and aficionados who will not forgive any wrong. Here, everything works wonderfully. The staging and the plot to take the guts from the first few seconds, the actors convey with effectiveness at each emotion and the atmosphere is simply perfect. Surprisingly only prohibited at least of 12 years in France, Silent Hill is not in the lace when it is a question to involve the viewer in an atmosphere of murky smelling urine, and blood curd. Everything is morbid, dirty, disgusting. The perfect playground for fans of the genre.

Therefore, Silent Hill appears as a vibrant tribute to a work of world-renowned which, while not omitting any major line of the video game, comes up with a disconcerting ease to have its own identity. This exercise of style perfectly controlled the will for one and only consequence of we to regret the too-large gaps between each new creation of Christophe Gans.

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