[critical] Shutter Island

In 1954, the marshal Teddy Daniels and his partner Chuck Aule are sent to investigate on the island of Shutter Island, a mental hospital, where inmates dangerous criminals. One of the patients, Rachel Solando, has inexplicably disappeared. How deadly she could get out of a closed cell from the outside ? The only clue found in the room is a sheet of paper on which one can read a sequence of digits and letters without apparent meaning. Coherent work of a patient, or cryptogram ?

Author’s Note


Release Date : February 24, 2010

Directed by Martin Scorsese

Film american

With Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo, Ben Kingsley

Duration : 2h 17min

Trailer :

For several years Martin Scorcese is no more than the shadow of itself, a shade from production to production with a taste, a talent, barely palpable (the pale remake The Departed, the disappointing Aviator, the very mixed Gangs Of New York, to name only a few). The time Scorsese/ De Niro flew away and left its place to the collaboration of Scorsese/Di Caprio, who is struggling to make its evidence and to put everyone of agreement.

Go see a movie like Shutter Island may seem like a form of sadomasochism for the fans of the first hour, fans who are not able to find the Scorsese of old. And yet… From the first seconds, our apprehensions the most stubborn dissipate, leaving room for adaptation to the surface of the novel of the same name by Dennis Lehane.

From the first minutes, a poisonous spell operates, charm which is close to excellent Nerves Was Bright with his rising power, his crescendo that we nailed to the chair until the very last second. The collaboration of Scorsese/Di Caprio is starting to bear fruit with a perfect fusion of these two worlds separating them. Their universe fit together better, and Scorsese finally arrives to make a good film of the genre with the charm of its early achievements. Added to this is a very large set of actors that transcend each of their character. Di Caprio is excellent, Mark Ruffalo captivating, and Ben Kingsley magnetic to your desire.

Shutter Island plunges us immediately into a mood of paranoia is intense with a scene sublime that catches immediately the eye, a mounting surgical perfect, a game of shadows and lights entering and a soundscape that fits perfectly with the rise in power of the stress. With Shutter Island, Martin Scorsese is fun and it feels at every moment. A big thank you for that.

A scene sublime, a fitting surgical perfect, a game of shadows and lights entering and a soundscape that fits perfectly with the rise in power of the stress.

Unfortunately, if all the components mentioned above are of Shutter Island a reference to ingenuity and mastery, the film suffers from a disability that one cannot pass over in silence : his scenario. The building sees one of its foundations lean slightly, making the whole to be unstable in time, due to a plot téléphonée. Spent the first twenty minutes, the end of Shutter Island jumps to the eyes. Martin Scorsese attempts to blur the tracks but the surprise has definitively evaporated. For a thriller it is still very limited and annoying. Also annoying that a member of your entourage believing smart of you to reveal the end of Seven, Fight Club or the Usual Suspects. A shame, because with a scenario better crafted, Shutter Island would have been definitely ranked to the rank of reference in the genre.

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