[critical] SHREW’S NEST

Ofthem things to know about SHREW”S NEST.

The first is the meaning of the title: the nest of shrews (the VO being Musarañas). This image is actually ideal to set the apartment of the two women, Montse and her sister. The peculiarity of this kind of small mouse is to be venomous, able to poison their victim by defence.

The second important thing is that it is produced by Alex de La Iglesia (The Crime Farpait, Ride, Sad, The Witches of Zugarramurdi), the tone burlesco-violent irradiates the film (and the saves of boredom) from a certain point.

So it is with this context that one must see the film. Because without it we would be totally insensitive…

SHREW”S NEST does not present anything original in the first part.

The mise-en-scene chooses a slow téléfilmique to install the history… The reports of protection/domination between the two sisters would be interesting if they had not already been used in a million other works. Exposure and empathy are, in addition, a cast of which you do not feel the involvement… The characterization of the characters appears to be of no real relief, other than that of the already-seen; the pitch is pretty much one of Misery, the credibility of Montse (Macarena Gómez) never reaching that ofAnnie Wilkes (Kathy Bates).

“First of all déjà vu and boring, SHREW”S NEST becomes in its final act enjoyable, thanks to a violence that is easy, free and artificial”

Fortunately, after the first hour, the tone Of the Iglesia brutally its entry, no more to leave no respite to the viewer.

And even if the appearance is easy, free and artificial, the result in surge of violence is on-only-can-more effective. The last part delves so happily in the horror ! Not that that bothers, but the one who treats and gives the smile.


selection of the festival HALLUCINATIONS COLLECTIVE

In partnership with ZoneBis and the Comoedia




Film reviewed in the framework of the festival


Original title : Musarañas

Realization : Juan Fernando Andrés, Esteban Roel

Scenario : Juan Fernando Andrés, Emma Tusell

Main actors : Macarena Gómez, Nadia de Santiago, Luis Tosar

Country of origin : Spain

Output : Coming Soon

Distributor :

Synopsis : Two sisters, in Spain after the war, to collect a wounded man in their apartment. But the more aged, agoraphobic, will soon reveal a behavior that is more aggressive.

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