Présenté at Cannes this year in the framework of the week of the critic, the SLEEPING GIANT, first feature film by a young canadian director, we are intrigued. First his title, but also the fact that it takes place in the spectacular nature of Ontario. Also, the first images led us to guess an aesthetic sense interesting, and his pitch was not without reminding us a certain Stand by Me. Consider this : the competition and rivalry among three teenagers in lack of adventures in an age where everything is jostled. Even if everything seems to be much more cerebral and complex here.

The young director who succeeds perfectly to recreate this period of disorder and agitation of the male life as a teenager, where hormones are in turmoil. Influence of one over the other, provocation, fighting to fight in the great outdoors, joint flights, and especially an affinity for early to illicit substances, we believe it really, especially as all of this is remarkably interpreted by young fake players brillantissimes. Quickly, the film adopts more particularly the point of view of Adam, the sweetest of the group that sends reluctant to make the leap. Also the one to throw himself of a cliff into a beautiful lake with her 2 other cousins, as the one to announce his crush to the girl with whom he often discusses, and approaches. Unfortunately, the film struggles to we slip into, the fault to a stage fairly impersonal, a strong smell of déjà-vu and especially severe worries writing.

The writers are not afraid to use dramatic tension devoid of any subtlety, to push a little more the character of Adam in the uncertainty. Having struggled to find his place in this trio more toxic than friendly, it will not be helped by the adultery of a father, also revealed by the most vicious and manipulator of the band. The confrontation the father/son in this subject could give rise to something much more intense and pungent, where the authors decide only to ship it in two scenes, which have at least the merit to rekindle our excitement and our curiosity, lost to sight past the first half-hour. And what about a bounce of a final facility outrageous that it would be banned in any school scenario.

“Troubled by big problems of writing, a first film could be better and not quite taking in spite of his sincerity.”

The physical resemblance of the young director with his main player we would bet on the dimension of autobiographical probably enough in this first movie could be better and not enough taking. Andrew Cividino is a lot of emphasis too on the fused relationship around his actors at the expense of its history and content of the film shot hand-held camera and close-ups to tickle our fiber emotional, to no avail.

However, when he decides to shoot the beauty and immensity of this nature, it would almost to enchant us, helped by the remarkable work of its chief operator, knowing capture the mystery almost fascinating surrounding landscapes. Closer to all latest images with the title of the movie makes us even regret to be definitely past a first work powerful.

Loris Quinto



Original title : Sleeping Giant

Achievement : Andrew Cividino

• Scenario : Andrew Cividino, Aaron Yeger, Blain Watters

• Key players : Jackson Martin, Reece Moffett, Nick Serino

• Country of origin : Canada

• Release Date :

• Duration : 1h29min

• Distributor : KMBO

• Synopsis : Adam spends the summer vacation with his parents on lake Superior. Her routine shatters when he meets Riley and Nate, two cousins very sure of themselves to occupy their free time between debauchery and jumps to the top of the cliffs. The revelation of a secret painful requires Adam to act in an irreversible way, which will test the bonds of friendship between the three teenagers and the change


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