After Knight of Cups and Has The Wonder, fascinating, beautiful but also clivants and heavy, Terrence Malick concluded his trilogy of love in a film more accessible and empathetic before returning to the war film.

SONG TO SONG, not score, not necessarily the reconciliation of Terrence Malick with its critics. Some accuse him of self-parody, and others are screaming, hell bent on stretching endless commercials, perfumery luxury, the director divides outputs into outputs. And after the overloaded Knights of Cups, impossible to digest, Terrence Malick seems to have taken the measure of what the fans said he was up here : lock in a trip of mystical symbolism without taking the trouble of inviting the audience into a journey illuminated. It must be said that the texan, after the sublime ride of existence on the shores of the life of The Tree of Life, we were puzzled with the uneven, and airtight Has The Wonder and Knights of Cups. Bordering on, against all odds, ridicule laced with moments of grace, his latest works could only divide the fans once in tears in front of The Red Line in the two camps irreconcilable : the adulateurs and scoffers. Yet, the vision of the first claims to be from SONG TO SONG we were left to hope that Terrence Malick was well and truly “back in the game“.

Taken, as always, with a cast that would rival any hollywood blockbuster, SONG TO SONG hollow beautifully the torments sentimental about his characters, and poetry, enhanced by the stunning picture of the master Lubezki, dove head first at full speed in the feature film. The voice-over, a witness to the wanderings of the metaphysical, mingles always with the same questions, and the quartet of lovers flies, therefore, to a search inapaisée filling a hollow existential that nothing seems to satisfy.

“SONG TO SONG is a wonder, a auscultation of bitter loneliness of the contemporary. “

Crystallized by the drifts as romantic as chaotic couple Fassbender/Portman, SONG TO SONG , drawing in hollow contours of disenchantment in love with a fraction of society that does not lack anything. Then, Terrence Malick captured the world with his camera, he examines the disillusionment of a society animated by the selfish enjoyment of property capitalists. Conversely, the chemistry of the couple Gosling/Mara enlightens by his empathy of the shining moments of a delicacy forgotten since The New World. And while the epilogue is approaching, the hour of the inevitable and distressing separation, the magnificient past concerts alongside Iggy Pop, and others enroll with intoxication in this fresco syrupy.

Much more accessible, less demanding and does not more to create a dialogue between the performers, Terrence Malick seems determined to make us share the oscillations lyric of love. Of course, mimicry irritating persist, sequences the GoPro reasoning in a vacuum, but SONG TO SONG is a wonder, a auscultation of bitter loneliness in contemporary, where the tenderness and the death feed with force the rifts, where the search for the meaning defeats the meaning of the quest. We can be found Malick ! SONG-TO-SONG is a feature film that revives the poetry and splendour, with an emotion which, in recent years, caught on the fourth wall.


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Original title : Song-to-Song

Achievement & Screenplay : Terrence Malick

Main actors : Natalie Portman, Rooney Mara, Michael Fassbender & Ryan Gosling

Release Date : 12 July 2017

Duration : 2h08min

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