[critical] Spring Breakers

Candy, Faith, Brit and Cotty are friends since the primary school. The four young girls, ‘ve had enough of their monotonous life, want to go to Florida for their Spring Break. Having no money, they decide to steer a fast food restaurant and use the money to go on vacation. The celebration will be short lived however as they are arrested but “luckily” for them, Alien, a rapper and very famous, pays their bail and takes them under his wing. The descent into hell begins, and nothing will ever be as before…

Author’s Note


Release Date : march 6, 2013

Directed by Harmony Korine

Film american

With James Franco, Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, Rachel Korine

Duration : 1h32min

Original title : Spring Breakers

Trailer :

Attention to all of those who still believe that Spring Breakers is an ode to the holiday, the excess and the no-limit, they are mistaken. It is a complement to the reverse. The four girls are looking for a way to escape their life of simple students. They decide to follow the movement and go celebrate the interlude student in Florida. The program : big sound, alcohol and drug…

The little protégé of Larry Clark, writer of Kids and Ken Park (both films shock), expert in the behavior of american youth trash and left to herself, was interested, therefore, in the case of Spring Break, these holidays students rooted in the tradition of the US. But as usual, what counts in his eyes is extreme and the forfeiture ; rather than paint a picture all happy-happy.

It is a descent to the underworld, which is staged. The 4 miss will take expensive…

The film is built around a simple framework : the girls go to party to forget their daily. The mounting inserts very quickly, flashforward to lead us in this fall. It is, therefore, knows in advance that it’s not going to be all pink or neon as we watch the trailer.

The character of Selena Gomez has understood very quickly. She is a lover of prayers, and therefore the most wise. Being the voice of reason of the small band, it is through it that the spectator identifies himself first. But the very good choice of Harmony, and having to leave quickly, forcing the viewer to re-attach them to the other 3 and it is at this moment that everything shifts.

Attention to all of those who still believe that Spring Breakers is an ode to the holiday, the excess and the no-limit, they are mistaken. It is a complement to the reverse.

The film takes a 180° turn and falls in a reversal of the situation with the theme of the gangstas (rap and deal) and other settlements of account between rival gangs. Under the guru of a James Franco hallucinated and hallucinating ; they are going to switch within the universe of the night and firearms.

Don’t worry, next soundtrack, you will not be lésinés since it is ensured by Cliff Martinez (Drive) associated with Skrillex for the shot (one of the references in the electro). A music that fits perfectly with the images licked by Benoît Debie (Irreversible, Enter

The Void), the director of photography of Gaspar Noé. We are both excited (bikinis, it counts, right?) and sometimes repelled. The director likes to play on our emotions. They make up the charm of his film.

And what a pleasure also to see Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez (ex-starlet Disney) in the lead, playing with their image and that will confuse a lot of their fan.

Spring Breakers is truly a sensory experience which we can not get out unscathed !

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