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Nnew movie directed by Paul Feig, SPY, also marks his third collaboration with his favorite actress, his muse comic by the name of Melissa McCarthy. Bridesmaid in My Best Friends, fliquette in The Flingueuses, she slips in here under the features of Susan Cooper, a modest and unobtrusive analyst for the CIA. In this comedy of espionage, the Agency aims to put an end to the acts of Rayna Boyanov (Rose Byrne), a criminal about to sell nuclear weapons to terrorist organizations. The identity of the active agents being compromised, it becomes absolutely necessary to hire someone who could go unnoticed. And it is precisely here that Susan comes into play.

Bureaucrat resolved, Susan has not really used the field. It assists, however, remote one of the best elements of the agency, Bradley Fine (Jude Law) and has the habit of covering his rear when his more dangerous missions. Although they form a duo of competent, Susan is still a heroine in the shade, and this new mission will allow him to be assertive and to take some other hand in search of a daily life more challenging. But courageous, she is ready to take his role as a spy in order to prevent the establishment of a nuclear war.

Following the release of Kingsman : the secret Service (February) and prior to those of Mission : Impossible : Rogue Nation (August), very special Agents : Code U. N. C. L. E. (September), The Bridge of Spies (October) and 007-Spectrum (November), the SPY proves that the espionage film is beautiful and well updated this year. And the recipe is simmered by Paul Feig proves to be simply delicious. The film is grown, in fact, the situations kind of, the visual gags turned on and the jousting verbal percussion to the humor pest. Purposes or trashs, verbal or visual, effects make fly at each time point and show a power comic explosive and communicative.

“A film of espionage twirling and hilarious, destined to become cult !”

With SPY, Paul Feig has had the intelligence not to fall into parody virulent, which would have given the impression that he denigrated the genre but sign, on the contrary, a heartfelt tribute and shifted to the espionage film and its mythology and puts it once more the women in the spotlight. The film is made to work the cheek bones as far as the plot shows eventful, as the suspense sets in and the twists and turns appear. Technically speaking, the film is very strong : we have the right to a very beautiful photograph with a beautiful palette of colors in the light of the multiplicity of environments explored. Paul Feig treats its staging and delivers a gallery of plans well-felt as well as a series of action scenes, stylised and sublimated by angles, clever, slow-mo orgasmic and fluidity amazing. Peppered with humor, this generous cocktail of stunts, gunfire, frantic, tussles and violent racing-hot pursuit is eaten with the greatest pleasure.

Of course SPY would not be what it is without its incredible cast, starting with Melissa McCarthy memorable once more. Brilliant, hilarious and engaging, the actress is also needed in the valve and in the action, its determination seduces us along with his many outfits and wigs to be improbable. At his side we find a Jason Statham hilarious in the role of an agent hothead who here mostly fuser the outrageous rather than the fists. A golden role for our badass british favorite who enjoys like crazy, and demonstrated a delicious self-mockery. It is the same for Jude Law, flawless in the super spy sleek but a little ngejudesin on the edges.

Susan and Cooper boys are sparks for sure, but the rest of the cast is absolutely not in the rest : Peter Serafinowicz is just irresistible in Italian agent lustful, comedian Miranda Hart is delusional in sidekick crazy, Allison Janney embodies with brio an “M ” tongue-in-cheek and Rose Byrne composed beautifully her role of wicked at once sublime, powerful and haughty.

James Bond revisited how Paul Feig, it gives a SPY, an espionage film twirling and hilarious called to become worship. Carried by a casting ideal, it is a great surprise to enjoy from the beginning until the very end. In other words, stay after the credits !


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