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The greatest odyssey space all the time sees the light of day in the new Star Trek, featuring the first trip to an all-new crew aboard the U. S. S. Enterprise, the spaceship of the most sophisticated of the story.

In this journey, strewn with dangers, action and humour, the new recruits must do everything to prevent the evil plan of an evil threatening all of mankind in his quest for vengeance.

The galaxy’s fate is between the hands of two officers that everything opposed : on the one hand, James Kirk, a native of rural IOWA, hot head in search of strong sensations, the other, Spock, from a society based on logic and rejecting any form of emotion. When the instinct fiery encounter pure reason, an unlikely but powerful alliance is formed and will be the only one able to cross to the crew of dreadful dangers, where no one has gone before.

Author’s Note


Release Date : 06 May 2009

Directed by J. J. Abrams

Film american

With Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Eric Bana

Duration : 2h 8min

Trailer :

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A reboot to the mixed result overall. The Star Trek universe is well designed, its legendary characters, and his unique style combining humor and science fiction, but it must be admitted that the charm of the episodes of yesteryear has deserted the film.

Star Trek new generation wants to be as spectacular and promised that a Star Wars and as kitsch as Starship Troopers (the first of that name, of course, the other two being stupid absolute) without ever really achieving it.

Moreover, it is certainly not a coincidence that Chris Pine has been chosen for this role, his resemblance to Casper Van Dien is certainly for many (we will be back on his case a little later).

Some of the effects are impressive (the representation of the black hole is magnificent), the pace is sustained until the very last second, the scenes before the boat onboard of the ship are captivating (the altercation in the bar is particularly well put in scene with Chris Pine unrecognizable) but all of this is sorely lacking in personality.

J. J. Abrams aligns the tables with an application too wise and tasteless to the image of this fight, without rhythm, without a soul, without anything spectacular on the punch that quickly turns ridiculous. Incomprehensible. Him that we had used to the great, the very great even with the series Lost, trying here so hard to revive a series that only aficionados will remember and that the neophytes have only briefly heard about.

However, even if all of these elements to disappoint, they will definitely find their audience. A public come to watch an entertainment, pure and simple, no headache whatsoever.

Star Trek is not a bad movie science-fiction strictly speaking, it is even a good entertainment if you can forget that it is Star Trek. That is the problem of the film.

But the major problem of the film lies mainly in its cast. Started by Chris Pine, Rm. Teen Movie, which even at the time, Lucky Girl with the Paris Hilton brown (I named Lyndsay Lohan) did not have a sense of a game player is very developed, but it is clear that three years after this turnip, it has not found the necessary maturity, or the stature crucial for this role. It is simply the mistake of casting unforgivable. Despite a few comical situations and muscular, the actor can not make us forget the original.

I can already hear you screaming for me to ear that wear the costume of Captain Kirk was not a small matter. Of course, this is all true, but the role of young wolf is not quite worked for my taste. Also, I find the scenes of Kirk as “young,” much more interesting despite the fact that they do not last more than five minutes. It is the same with the role of Spock.

Zachary Quinto is a bit below of what we can expect from him : far from the charismatic Sylar in the series Heroes, the actor aligns here the dialogues and the facies not always well placed with a certain disdain that it feels to the screen.

The black humour is not quite pushed and the viewer tends to stay on his end.

To finish with this trio of actor, Eric Bana, the great villain of this Reboot, is the only one to offer us a performance worthy of the name. His intriguing character seeking revenge by the name of Nero is the most interesting of the three, both at a psychological level than a physical one (the make-up being incredibly effective). We thus find the great Eric Bana (the Man, the hard, the real one !) of the years 2000 that the fans had been so hard to find after the confusing and unforgettable Chopper. By itself, it happens to raise the level of the film and to give him all his interest.

In conclusion, Star Trek is not a bad movie science-fiction strictly speaking, it is even a good entertainment if you can forget that it is Star Trek. That is the problem of the film.

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