We do more Dany Boon. However, it is possible to present Fred Cavayé, the director of NIT !, more accustomed to dramas and track races (Mea Culpa, end bearing) to the comedy. This is her first, and she is rather successful !

It is necessary to say that he is well surrounded : based on an idea by Olivier Dazat (co-writer of the Podium), he co-wrote STINGY ! with Nicolas Cuche and Laurent Turner , who had previously worked together on The chance of my life and Ready for anything.

It was feared that Dany Boon (Francis) make a ton, to the image of his achievements Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis, Nothing to declare or Supercondriaque. But surprisingly, his acting is all in reserve and just, and the director offers him a role in emotional and tender, more successful than those to which he was recently rubbed in Lolo of Julie Delpy or They are everywhere of Yvan Attal. STINGY ! not content to be a bunch of pictures on the clamps and pingres.

Of course, we see Francis from the lower euro cent, eating contaminated food, to live without light, and take advantage of all the opportunities and promotions in progress, and is to lend his clothes to concert violinist. Everything is an excuse to not spend money and make more savings. Moreover, he considered her nice banker (Nicolas Lumbreras) like his psych, that is to say, his lack of social life. But what is interesting about the film is that everything happens from the point of view of the main character. The director has a watchful eye on this man, who, in fact, is the victim of the history of parental that he spends his life repairing. It is in empathy with Francis, who does not think evil, but that is by habit, by vital need, without worrying about the opinions of others. He is aware of how some deem it, but puts up with it, developing a strategy of avoidance rather funny.

“Stingy ! is a feel good movie, touching and tender, which questions skillfully on our relationship with other people and the money, parenthood and the family transmission.”

Thanks to an arc’s narrative is admittedly a little easy, the parallel input of two women in the life plan-plan de Francis, will question everything. The first is his daughter, Laura (Eileen Schmidt), of which he was unaware of the existence and that his mother did swallow stories to hide this penny-pinching sickly. The misunderstandings related to the lies of the mother are the source of comic situations and reactions, quite tasty on the part of the entourage of Francis. The other woman, it is the shy and bafouillante Valerie, concert performer, she is also in awe of Francis. We love the sweet game-crazy on the point of him pulling the pin out of Laurence Arné (Workinggirls, Bowling), that brings a lot to the character. As a NIT ! is a movie that deals skillfully sham and lie, as well as the discomfort born of the evolution of the gaze of the others relate to self. It also deals with subtlety, honesty vis-à-vis the other, but also vis-à-vis oneself and evokes the discomfort of the situation spurs us to confess and to change.

STINGY ! think about the confidence, the love, the intelligence of human relationships that encourage self-improvement and the reconnection to the emotions. This generosity of heart is the side a little too much of the movie, with a peak of dramatic and unexpected that it will not disclose. The humour of the film arises also in a number of scenes in reference to some cult movies, we would have liked to see more many : Shining, The tall Blond with one black shoe, Bean, among others. We spend a good time with STINGY ! because it is a feel good movie, touching and tender, which questions skillfully on our relationship with other people and the money, parenthood and the family transmission.


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