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Thehas american comedy has known several eras, that of Mel Brooks, the brothers Zucker, the brothers Farrelly, here is the moment Judd Apatow. Since a small decade, Apatow and his whole clique – Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill – is considered the new repository. Their characteristics ? A humorous irreverent, slapstick and regressive, is more intelligent than it seems ; actors and actresses from Saturday Night Live or stand up (see the beautiful tribute to this year in Funny People) giving a lively pace and dialogue clacking.

Whether as a director, screenwriter, or more often a producer, we need to Apatow’s best comedies of the last few years : Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up, You Don t Mess with the Zohan (must see !), Funny People, My best friends. We had to wait until a big name on the small screen to take the furrow dug by Apatow. Seth MacFarlane is the creator of the excellent Family Guy, and American Dad. He has mastered the feat of imposing its families stamped alongside the Simpsons and South Park. His challenge of the moment, his first feature film, Ted. Seth MacFarlane reprises the grocery store Apatow, and we used to laugh at the kilo.

The film is hilarious. Criticize a comedy is a difficult thing as the assent is objective : a-t-on ri ? Yes and a lot. Ted is full of pace, we bidonne and you never get bored. Mark Wahlberg takes the traits of an adult, mildly retarded, who has a best friend his stuffed childhood to whom he gave life by making a wish. A priori, the pitch may be sounding all the alarms, anti-junk movie but the movie is a success. The bass and coarse that Seth MacFarlane is ready to teddy is such a lag with the image of the Teddy Bear with the outpouring of insanities is never indigestible.

A sign that America is tired of the dictates of the American Way of Life, our protagonist denies responsibility and wants to be with his wife and his friend. These characters turn their backs to the decorum and to this model of life-fulfillment through professional achievement and have it.

“Seth MacFarlane takes over the grocery store Apatow, and we used to laugh at the kilo.”

The plot of the film revolves primarily around the question of the transition to adulthood. Is this an imponderable ? Do I have to abandon everything that made me a child to become an adult ? Seth MacFarlane provides the possibility of non-choice in a very humanist. While the developer manages to outwit all the traps scriptwriting, it folds unfortunately to the exercise during the last quarter of an hour. A thin plot is slightly artificial makes the bursts of laughter less frequent.

Finally, we wanted to take advantage of this article to highlight the trajectory of Mark Wahlberg, probably the most interesting of Hollywood. Adolescence is not the most peaceful, mom addicted to crack cocaine at age 13, he was sentenced to 2 years in house of correction for multiple racist attacks. Forever changed by this experience, he turned his back on his gang and turns to religion. Assisted by his brother, he launches into the music and won some success with Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch (just a title). He then became a model and posed for the underwear Calvin Klein have gone a long way from the gangs of Boston). It is around 25 years old that he started finally a film career. If the benefits of Wahlberg are not always convincing (apart from The Fighter and The Departed), the man fascinated by his activity as a producer and his self-derision.

In the shade, Wahlberg produced the series great. It is necessary to begin by Entourage, which is largely inspired by its history; In treatment, a series of very successful on psychoanalysis and, finally, Broadwalk Empire it is useless to present. These three sets the themes and tones very distant are huge, success well deserved. Adds to the appeal of the actor, his self-deprecating humor. Mark Wahlberg is a take a turn to his career to be a caricature of a young rotating in The Other Guys and appearing on Saturday Night Live (parodying his angry outbursts and his sex-appeal). Mark Wahlberg is a complex thing, far short of the figures homogeneous produced by Hollywood. It presents one of the routes to the most unusual of american cinema, side light, high-quality movies and big comedies, hand off to a producer in the nose hollow.

Ted is a good example of an actor plunging his image in the derision, a reason enough to go see the movie.

Original title : Ted

Production : Seth MacFarlane

Screenplay : Seth MacFarlane

Main actors : Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Joel McHale, Giovanni Ribisi

Country of origin : United States

Released : October 10, 2012

Duration : 1h47mn

Distributor : Universal Pictures International France

Synopsis : At 8 years old, le petit John Bennett fit the wish that his teddy bear Christmas comes to life and becomes his best friend for life, and he saw his wish. Almost 30 years later, the story is no longer really looks like a Christmas tale. The omnipresence of Ted alongside John weighs heavily on his relationship with Lori. Although patient, Lori sees this friendship as exclusive, consisting mainly of drinking beers and smoking weed in front of the tv programmes more nerdy than others, a handicap for John, who confine it to the child, unable to succeed professionally and to really invest in their relationship. Torn between his love for Lori and his loyalty to Ted, John’s fight to finally become a real man !

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