Voici income the teddy bear the more pain-high and his sidekick John, lord ado glad to have a friend of his mental age. Immediately arises an obvious question, TED 2 is it funny ?

Absolutely, we are fed up, frankly, with several gags completely absurd, and without being personally a fan of the crude humor of Seth MacFarlane, I found the wit of Ted and John’s fabulous (it is necessary to take advantage of it by V. O !).

Behind the schoolboy humor and regressive, Ted 2 also has the ambition to have a message : considered to be an “object” and not as a person, Ted can no longer adopt the child who was to save his couple. Already from the principle that having a child is the only way to keep its torque is far from being trivial, but the purpose of Seth MacFarlane becomes truly interesting when Ted and his friend John decided to change the Law to restore Justice (yes it is what it is).

The ambition is great, because it allows you to give all the minorities crushed by the United States in a more general sense to their claims, from a situation that was totally incongruous. Are referred to the struggles for gay marriage and for civil rights for Black americans. More generally, the film disputes the legitimacy of a State law unfair and shows that it can be fought as a simple citizen. And without being very clever one at that, since the intellectual capabilities of our two heroes are seriously altered by dint of their abuse of drugs and alcohol.

The opening credits clearly indicates the intention of inspiration of the Hollywood comedies of the 50’s could have been a creaky, sometimes at the forefront of the rest of the society (one thinks of Some like it hot). Ted hallucinates over his marriage that he never really lives, and teleports on a stage with dancers, and dancers came out of nowhere. The film pays homage to the comedies of the 50’s, where fun was not without moral issue. Films that, without being able to directly tackling the sexuality, inequality and power relations, spoke finally of it in veiled terms.

We walk fully in this process during the first part, the original idea is brilliant and the film does not miss an opportunity to highlight the impact possible. And then the fun erodes. The film remains enjoyable to see, but dries clear in its final third. In view of the expectations raised by the subject in the first part of the film, we expected a stronger message, more convincing.

The main problem with the scenario of TED 2 is not to show the practical consequences that would have the recognition to a teddy bear by the american law on the status of human being. The film gets bogged down in twists, turns, fun but that take us away from the original idea.

Worse, in the last line, the director is trying to divert the attention of its audience with a call to the geek community by a series of quotations intended to flatter his ego. In addition to not being funny, these gags have nothing to do with the rest of the movie, at least to imagine that geeks suffer from the same marginalization that Blacks, homosexuals and other minorities put at the bench of american society. This last part confuses totally the final message that TED 2 wants to give. Difficult to know if Seth MacFarlane has done so by conformism (not to debunk it until the end the image of the american Justice) or by lack of inspiration.

We could call it the “syndrome Morgan Freeman” : every time he appears in a movie, you can be sure that it serves no purpose other than to deliver a moral well-thinking to cut short a storyline out of breath. A moment supposed to be filled with emotion – one understands THE truth, finally, on the issue raised by the film – but that force to have been used, mark to two kilometres. I can’t help advise you on the gag that South Park has done on this “syndrome Morgan Freeman.”

“Behind the schoolboy humor and regressive, Ted 2 also has the ambition to have a message”

Finally, TED 2 is very similar to the previous film, in its qualities as its flaws. (see the review of Maxim on Ted).

We recognize, however, that TED 2 has a lot of audacity and slice openly with the rest of the comedies of the clan Appatow. Yes it is just as rude, irreverent and sometimes heavy, but with this movie, Seth MacFarlane tries all the same take a look at the aberrations of american law and the slow evolution of morals. Just for that, we want to review the teen quarantenaire Mark Wahlberg and his bear ill-licked, in a Ted 3 , which would be finally at the end of his approach.



Original title : Ted 2

Production : Seth MacFarlane

Screenplay : Seth MacFarlane

Main actors : Mark Wahlberg, Seth MacFarlane, Amanda Seyfried, and Morgan Freeman

Country of origin : USA

Output : 05/08/15

Duration : 59′

Distributor : Universal Pictures International France

Synopsis : Ted is not considered a human being, therefore, it cannot adopt a child to save her marriage. With his friend John, they will attempt to change the Law to restore Justice.

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