[critical] The Blind Side

Dive into the world of american football. In Tennessee, Michael Oher, a young black american, found his way thanks to the love of his adoptive family and his talent for football.

Author’s Note


Release Date : November 20, 2009 in the USA, soon in France

Directed by John Lee Hancock

Film american

With Sandra Bullock, Quinton Aaron, Tim McGraw

Duration : 2 hours

Trailer :

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The Blind Side is a film that is paradoxical, one of the most you might say. The type of production nor totally bad, nor totally good, which does that only leave us marble. The fault in that ? The fault of what ? Simply this impression of déjà-vu so tenacious that it we waste it partially for the fun of it. For decades, hollywood cinema likes to tell us nice stories about young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods, young people to whom life has done everything except smile and arrive, through meetings life-saving and unexpected, to take advantage of the situation. A beautiful happy-ending in perspective as americans know so well we serve them on a silver platter. Except that at some point the cup is full and one is completely sealed with this kind of scenario.

On the side of the actors we also find something very conventional, too clean and well-thinking to we really captivate. The actors play very well their role but they take no risk, they seem to be more cachetonner that actually get involved. Suddenly, a cruel lack of depth is felt and it’s hard to attach to them (for a drama, pointing to our Human condition it is still the worst !). Now, the question who can we tease this is how, with so few implications and personalities, Sandra Bullock a-t-she managed to win the Oscar for best actress ? The level this year was so low ? Was there a person more persuasive as Gabourey Sibide in Precious (and still a human drama, a !) for example ? Because of course, Sandra Bullock is more convincing than usual, but she did not deserve, in any case, his small statuette golden for this role as seen and reviewed hundreds of times and who is a role where you do not feel a real involvement on his part.

Realization there is not much wrong, the staging is correct, the BO pleasant to listen to and nothing comes to disturb our eye during the projection.

In the end, The Blind Side is not a bad genre film, it is just a film that takes no risk, a production that is based on acquired and developed by others and which therefore does not bring anything new to put us under the tooth, a film of lazy people who do not take the trouble to innovate and who wants to just put full the pockets as quickly as possible (can be very far from reality, but that is the impression that the director is giving us here). But hey, as long as this process will work…

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