Rouflaquettes, sunglasses black, headwear, black, full black, their style has become legendary. THE BLUES BROTHERS tells the fictional story of a group of rythm ‘ blues, led by his two brothers, and charismatic leaders, Jake and Elwood Blues, played by Dan Aykroyd and John Beluschi. Originally, the two actors had created this identity alternative to the comedy show Saturday Night Live, but with the release of the film in 1980, the success has given birth to a world famous, to such an extent that the Blues Brothers are now one of the most popular groups of the blues.

Written by John Landis (also a producer) and Dan Aykroyd, the script is a little gem. The brothers Blues have a few days to get your hands on 5,000 dollars in order to mop up the debt of the orphanage in which they grew up, otherwise it will close. And here the two lads left on A “mission for God” in which nothing will stop them. Comic Situations, misunderstandings hilarious, stunts, helicopters, gang of nazis in their pursuit, we are never bored. For all that, the film does not fall into the facility and, under the guise of good child hides a deeper, evoking themes of society such as racism or social inequality.

THE BLUES BROTHERS is also appreciated for its cast and its soundtrack is sublime. In addition to the two lads that are Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi, John Landis , has paid a few music stars. Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Cab Calloway , to name only the most well-known. Rarely a musical comedy will be attended by as many great artists. But having big names in the casting sometimes is not enough, it is still necessary to integrate them into the story, something that John Landis performs impeccably, giving each a specific scene. Aretha Franklin in household of dancing, James Brown as the pastor of a small church and Ray Charles by seller of instruments with a trigger-happy, they all bring a plus to the story.

“Full of scenes more cults than the others, THE BLUES BROTHERS is unique in its kind.”

The atmosphere of the film is dense and incredibly addictive. Chase dante’s in a mall, gospel song of madness led by James Brown, there is a rhythm disjointed throughout, and the plot never slows down. Even the quiet moments are only there to bring out the madness room.

Plenty of scenes more cults than the others, THE BLUES BROTHERS is unique in its kind. Its fast pace and its dialogues have become legendary, to the point of inspiring an entire generation, and to register the film as one of the greatest musicals of all time.


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