[critical] The Crazies

And if madness was contagious ?

Imagine a virus capable of transforming anyone into a dangerous madman. Now imagine this virus spreading on a small, quiet town in the Middle-West. As people see their loved ones change into the assassin, a sheriff trying to protect the few people still uninfected, waiting for reinforcements. But when the army intervenes finally, it is to put the city in quarantine and left to execute anyone attempting to flee. Abandoned to their fate, this small group of survivors will try to escape…

Author’s Note


Release Date : June 9, 2010

Directed by Breck Eisner

Film american

With Timothy Olyphant, Radha Mitchell, Danielle Panabaker

Duration : 1h 41min

Trailer :

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In the family of the remakes of the year mounted to bail out the funds without taking itself too the head I would like The Crazies. Remake of the cult film of Romero, The Crazies tells the sweet story of a small town in quarantine, in which the inhabitants disjonctent and kill each other. Nothing really new, therefore, and the critic could stop here if the film from Breck Eisner (director of the mixed but entertaining Sahara) there was not enough share interesting positive points.

Without being as good as The Hill Has Eyes ofAlexandra Aja or the Army Of The Dead de Zack Snyder , who had mounted the bar high with style and involvement palpable to each plan, The Crazies is far from being as bad as the reboot of Friday the 13th for example. Some passages of the film are just orgasmic, even if they could be pushed a bit more as that moment when an office worker massacre at the forks of the women attached to hospital beds. Crispy ! Add to this, characters who take to the road (the featured couple is not divorcing but waits for a happy event) and a final unexpected and effective visually. In fact, The Crazies is in the image of Sahara : good intentions, ideas persuasive scattered here and there on which are longing to look a little but a whole semi-tone.

Because if one dwells on the negative aspects, The Crazies has not finished we ruffle the hair of the head. The plans, all without exception, play it too easy for really of interest to us. Breck Eisner has preferred the security by a patchwork of everything that has been done in the genre, stripping away all the personalities, all flavors possible in her film. Added to this is a story that quickly turns round. The fact to focus the scenario on a single couple of these weak points, and Eisner is, unfortunately, fell right into it. The scenario of The Crazies could easily be summed up to ” I’m in trouble, I fight, I’m going to kill him but in the miracle, someone kills the awful infected in her back and saves me, and a slow miserable death “. The plans fit and look the same at a speed disconcerting. A little originality and more risk-taking would not have hurt anyone.

In the end, The Crazies is not a bad movie per se, it is just a movie far too commercial to really stand out and remain etched in our memories. If for a bit we also saw the original, the movie appears to quickly fade, and filthy in our eyes. Is not George A. Romero wants ! Nevertheless, targeting a rather young public and placing himself on the same level as a Massacre Has The Chainsaw (the remake of course !), The Crazies has plenty of scenes nerve and strained to meet anybody who wants to put his brain in stand-by time of a projection. A must see, so if you are part of this second category.

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