Gilead and Noah find themselves at the burial of their father. Half-brothers, they do not have much in common, if not a collection of personal failures. Convinced that the evil eye has been pursuing since their father stole a sacred relic, Galaad convinces Noé to act. If improvising adventurers, the two men go off in search of the stolen object, and of the chance that the leaks.

Author’s Note


Original title : The Conquerors

Achievement : Xabi Molia

Scenario : Xabi Molia

Main actors : Mathieu Demy, Denis Podalydès, Jean-Claude Drouot

Country of origin : France

Output : September 25, 2013

Duration : 1h35min

Trailer :

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The French comedy, this thing so complicated to design as subjective. But at times, it is so sloppy that the film becomes painful to watch. Most want to follow, but rather the urge to press Stop. THE CONQUERORS, this is it. Xabi Molia has the desire to make a film, but it has so much nothing to say, that it tries to be a comedy down the front. Such an adjective, as the film embraces so great a normality, that it becomes infuriating.

The problem when one has nothing to say about it is that it is in fact the minimum. For this comedy, some moments of absurdity that make us smile, a few moments of melancholy over it, and then jokes easy fall the next moment into oblivion. The purpose of a comedy is to create a memory in the mind of the viewer, while they are entertained. While talking about a particular topic. Except that Xabi Molia has for theme a sibling.

Far from Indiana Jones, this film relates more to the banality and laziness of a Benjamin Gates (but if, with the actor the record-breaking moumoutes, Nicolas Cage). Two brothers that everything separates, but that will soon come together to lead to a quest. Except that the movie only on its gags. It should be noted that the characters are not very developed. One knows only their trades, which they are fired. And then, nothing. So, no evolution is possible : the laziness of the rhythm and tension to the narrative surface.

The characters too underdeveloped in a comedy lazy, where absurdity and fantasy blend, the light form and any.

Suffice to say that the actors do not help. We have known Denis Podalydès in better days. Him, who is yet a great director and a fascinating actor, fails to save the performance pitiful Mathieu Demy. Mannered, the latter is not his body, but a number of facial expressions incalculable. The problem is that they are conditioned by their characters. Xabi Molia has nothing in-depth, and vendor lock-in happens very quickly. We are characters, couch potatoes, annoying in their goal that everyone cares about.

Believe that the plot is more important. If the characters are not developed, there must be a reason. The embedding of the fantastic ? What is the idea to be a risky and bad, all the same. A mixture of comedy and fantasy. While Xabi Molia seeks to bring together two brothers lost psychologically, it incorporates fantastic elements. The contradiction is too strong for the combination was just right.

The only thing to remember, just about significant, is the effort made on the scenery. Madness not to take ever the control of the normality of the film, the director should further its staging. In parallel with the gaze on the siblings, Xabi Molia explores the places where it turns. An epic aesthetic attractive, but in vain. Because the sets (in the background) are certainly beautiful, but never the director will interact the characters with the scene.

Even worse, the sound is of a distressing banality. Someone said to me recently that, given the ways in which cinema has, it is distressing to see the poverty of the restitution of the sound environment. It applies to all points for this film. In the light of the places filmed, aesthetically attractive, the atmosphere is never transcribed. The only atmosphere that is there before this movie, this is a replica of the bottom floor.

Finally, it will be necessary to meet the shape of the realization. How many times can you hear “it’s a comedy, it doesn’t matter of the form” ? Except that achievement is a language, it is a proof of love for the characters, it is a show of strength on the subject. We are not in front of a sitcom, but at the cinema, then stop the achievements of any kind for the comedies.

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