I didn’t know the cinema of Naomi Kawase. I didn’t know the Dorayakis. Then I saw THE DELIGHTS OF TOKYO, the japanese director, at the opening of the selection un certain regard. Since then, I really want to taste these pastries – two pancakes stuffed paste of red beans, candied, and the filmography of the filmmaker. Like what it does to not much cravings. Meetings, at most.

A bit like the one that saw Sentaro, a pastry chef by spite, so that he does not like the sweet, when Tokue, vivacious grand-mother of 76 years in the hands are damaged, request that the hiring. He hesitates, but not for long. It must be said that Tokue has to be compelling arguments : it makes the best dough of beans candied on the corner : “YEAR “. Something to give a second breath to the shop, and Sentaro who finds taste in what he does.

Have a reason to get up in the morning, to master his art, satisfy customers more and more numerous, become as many motivations news for Sentaro, which is usually carried in this, which is drunk. This character is complex and mysterious will, throughout the film, is open through Tokue, flayed by life, also. In withdrawal, a young girl closes this triangle friendly original for which I could not prevent me to feel the tenderness. And this is one of the strength of Kawase to get to create in the viewer an empathy for its characters.

A chronicle of the passing of time. In praise of the patience and self-denial. THE DELIGHTS OF TOKYO also opens up the appetite in the time of a recipe where Kawase filmed the kitchen almost sensually. As if the beans were also living Tokue says. Over the seasons that tick away on the cherry trees that are adjacent to the stall, the filmmaker distills also other concerns. It refers to discrimination, disability, the question of the transmission or the importance of nature, ” made to look “. Naomi Kawase no mistake not in the mood with poetry and finesse.

“As Sentaro, it is clear from this experience smiling.”

If the nature is beautiful, humans are not at rest, and Kirin KikiTokue – is particularly touching in his role as an outcast with grey hair who seeks only one thing : to see the sun and feel his passion for pastry.

Rich and light at the same time, it is difficult to recall what it feels like in front of THE DELIGHTS OF TOKYO, so the report is carnal, physical. The strength of the film is, in fact, to carry in the softness of the viewer in this chronicle of ordinary life, where a meeting can restore the faith. Like Sentaro, it is clear from this experience with a smile. And with the furious desire to go and take the time to look at the cherry blossoms. It is important.

Etienne CHAIZE




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