[critical] The Descendants

In Hawaii, the life of a family switches. Because his wife has just been hospitalized following a boating accident, Matt King tries awkwardly to be closer to his two daughters, Scottie, a girl of ten years old bright and early, and Alexandra, a teenager, a rebellious seventeen-year-old. He also wondered whether he should sell the family land, the latest tropical beaches virgin islands, inherited from his ancestors hawaiians. When Alexandra reveals to him that his mother had an affair, the world-Matt teeters. With his two daughters, he leaves in search of his wife’s lover. During a week, essential, in the course of encounters alternately funny, disturbing and revealing, he is ultimately going to be aware that its main concern is to rebuild her life and her family…

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Release Date : January 25, 2012

Directed by : Alexander Payne

Film american

WithGeorge Clooney, Shailene Woodley, Amara Miller

Duration : 1h50min

Original title : The Descendants

Trailer :

The incipit, in a boating accident. The wife of Matthew King (George Clooney) végète for 3 weeks in a deep coma. Good idea of the film director Alexander Payne, the to start his story at this time traumatic. Guided by the voice of the main character, we understand that his eyes will be ours. Matthew King seems to wake up from a sweet nap, we then discover with him his reality : the link delity with her two daughters (10 and 17 years old), her friends, her family and her husband’s family. When the doctor seals funestement the fate of his girlfriend, the world of Matthew King collapses. His daughter confesses the infidelity of his wife, and the friends of the latter that it was to ask for a divorce.

This comedy-drama in shirts flowers is a refreshing finesse.

The frame is that of a man helplessly watching the disintegration of her world. His marriage, as his wife is in agony. The man in the face of adversity absurd to think for the best films of the Coen brothers. George Clooney is here, a few comic scenes rivalling the best of the director with two heads. In particular, this is a race in flip flops and shirt in flowers in the dampness hawaiian is symptomatic of the drama, absurdity and comedy that plays out before our eyes.

George Clooney plays accurately, the powerlessness of the father of the family. Every F*** of her daughters returns to her inability to be assertive and makes us laugh. We regret that in the corner of a smile, embarrassed, head down, we could make out silhouetted Mister Decaffeinato. In fact, the acting talents of George Clooney suffers (slightly) from the projected shadow of his public persona.

Overall, the film avoids the pitfalls of melodrama and of manichaeism in the us. If the film is sad and dark as a whole, spins humorous come to alleviate the issue. The theme remains the grief, and asks the spectator in relation to his report with this one, both by his experience as by his fears personal. Besides, the characters are believable and we are without pain in empathy with each of them. The canvas background is particularly well found, Hawaii. Here, the point of the postcard, the State is often stormy, grey and wet. A special mention must be credited to the final plan that shows plainly the connection of the family are re-creating. This comedy-drama in shirts flowers is a refreshing finesse.

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