After The Heart of the Ocean was released in the end of last year, it is a new film featuring the confrontation between man and the incredible force of nature that is the ocean that the Disney studios we offer. Based on a true story, THE FINEST HOURS tells the story of the rescue of the sailors of the SS Pendleton off the coast of Massachusetts by a small team of coast guard conducted by Bernie, a young, reserved man, and little considered to his colleagues.

Like the recent productions adult Walt Disney such as In the Shadow of Mary, THE FINEST HOURS takes the time to build its plot through an introduction refined, very elegant. This academicism stylized fact initially think of a drama of that time as an adventure movie, and what a surprise, but allows the end to anchor the film in a dimension that is more realistic.

Casey Affleck delivers a solid performance, with a role that recalls her performance in Gone Baby Gone, a young man of strong will and brave, with a will which confers a supplement of soul, and an innate leadership. In the shadow of his older brother Ben Affleck, he continues to build a filmography as a solid (Good Will Hunting, Ocean’s Eleven, Interstellar and soon it will be at the poster of Triple 9 and Manchester by the Sea with Michelle Williams). At his side, Chris Pine (Star Trek) is amazing in a game all in humility and sobriety, in a style that he knew not. But the nice surprise of the film is the young british Holliday Granger, who plays the girlfriend of Bernie with a strong personality, and troubling.

Director Craig Gillespie is proposing to follow the rescue in three complementary angles : the residents remained in port, Bernie and his team in search of the ship and the sailors trapped on board the tanker. Certainly predictable, this strategy is nevertheless to be effective because it sets up a drama of powerful and instills a growing tension that culminates in the scene of the rescue.

“A mix of a thriller / drama with excellent quality, thanks to a combination of strong sensations and emotions.”

The special effects and the photography are impressive, especially in 3D, the sea raging lends itself well to this process. The accompanying music of Carter Burwell (Barton Fink, No Country for Old Men, Carol) transcends the scenes at sea as the port by its lyricism and its symbiosis with the images.

The film has unfortunately a release date shortly adequate (indeed how to compete with the monster The Revenant) and a marketing too slight to attract the spectators, and is expected to be a failure at the box-office. It’s a pity because if THE FINEST HOURS certainly does not produce the most original of the year, it remains not less a mix of a thriller/drama with excellent quality, thanks to a combination of strong sensations and emotions.




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