[critical] The Eye of Evil

Jerry and Rachel do not know each other, but a nightmare gave them an appointment. Because someone has pretended to be a terrorist and he is now sought after by all the fonts, Jerry has no choice but to obey the mysterious voice that controls each of its facts and gestures. Rachel is also obliged to obey, otherwise it will be his son, Sam, who will pay with his life.

In a race against the clock where the manipulation and the hyper are the queens, the two young people must accomplish everything that the voice their request, regardless of the risk. If they want to survive the trap, they will have to both escape their pursuers and discover the secret of those who lead this game infernal…

Author’s Note


Release Date : December 24, 2008

Directed by D. J. Caruso

Film american

With Shia LaBeouf, Michelle Monaghan, Rosario Dawson

Duration : 1h54min

Original title : Eagle Eye

Trailer :

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There are films like that, the trailers make you shiver, it is their role, you might say, and finally, when the film is released, you are in the room, just past the intro scene, you’ve immediately realized that the chills, this will not be for this time.

Yet the concept of The Evil eye is very exciting : two individuals lead their life without history but find themselves in spite of themselves involved in a plot totally mysterious (you said Enemy of the State ?). Two hot topics : terrorism and the protection of our private lives (Facebook, MySpace, and company). In short, I am back in the room “out there”.

Jerry (LaBeouf) and Rachelle (Monaghan) find themselves in the commands of a mysterious voice, controlling all their actions and giving them all kinds of orders completely crazy, while an FBI agent (Billy Bob Thornton) part of their pursuit, believing they have to do to terrorists. But now, the two heroes – anti-heroes rather – are the basis totally devoid of any personality, stereotypical and without background. The excitement takes a hit already. And then quickly the events implausible accumulate, the scenario is completely full of inconsistency, and this is almost done for you. Almost, everything is not to lay, but not easy to talk about it because it is full of surprises and twists, so precisely it is better for you – which may not have not seen the movie – you know the least possible. You could say that it is well put together if it was not so preposterous.

Even if the performance of Michelle Monaghan is acceptable, it does not hide nor does not justify the pile of garbage, and also Shia LaBeouf – who for once was not the role of a teenager but slips into the skin of a “real” guy – is just not up to the task… The prosecution and other explosions are honest and the realization very “nervous”, set a pace that will keep you in suspense (and you will, especially you fall asleep). In short, action side, it holds the road, a lifeline.

Getting started promising, the scenario stops immediately the effect. You will still see an Artificial Intelligence to reconstruct words from the vibrations of a coffee, or even a type to do the morse code with his laptop. It looks funny but it quickly becomes very heavy. In short, it is bogus from A to Z. You have to see it to believe it, I shortened to avoid revealing the key to a story that already has so little interest in, Die Hard 4 is a masterpiece next to it.

And then here, ôh surprise, happy end, happy meal, american flag, we go out of the room, the bin closest to vomit, and it is hoped that this will soon be forgotten.

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