The latest film by Pierre Jolivet, the men of The fire, offers an immersion rather disappointing at the heart of a fire station, close to the docu-fiction.

Pierre Jolivet, met in Bordeaux for the presentation of the MEN OF THE FIRE, said to have wanted to “catch the reality of the life of a fire and its fire department, of which he could feel the cinematic quality of daily situations, with sometimes tragic consequences“. Aware “that a documentary filmmaker would not go to the barracks and that we would not let go in the fire“, he preferred the medium he knows best: fiction. It has been inspired, advised, edited and dubbed by these firefighters who, in fact, makes a beautiful tribute, the same kind as the one from Thomas Lilti with his country Doctor.

But these good intentions and these good feelings are sufficient to make a good movie, that manages to keep the viewer in suspense and to make it vibrate? Alas, no. However, the ingredients are all there and the specifications bearing on the lives of these men of fire is respected very comprehensive, but …the sauce does not. We have known Pierre Jolivet, whose trademark is precisely the tail that stings via the social thriller, far more inspired (My small business, Hands armed). The MEN OF THE FIRE leave the vague impression, although the director claims to the contrary, that it tried too hard to do well. The fact to validate his writing by high authorities, was without had as a result of too contain it, as crushed by the weight of its subject matter.

“In men of fire, Pierre Jolivet “catches the reality of life of firefighters” “

Because filming camera to the shoulder of the men and women brave, bonds of humanity and for that to be useful gives meaning to their life, is not enough. The director gives good to see a few moments of touching, in connection with the death, the birth or urban violence. But the problem is edge fast enough the tip of his nose. Because there is really no plot in the MEN OF THE FIRE and the only suspense is how Bénédicte (Emilie Dequenne) will integrate into the small barracks on the South-East, whose sustainability is not guaranteed, directed by Philippe (Roschdy Zem). How she will manage her colleague misogynistic in that it must prove its value, Xavier (Michaël Abiteboul, decked out in an unnecessary southern accent), the only character that the director is permitted to exit the lot. Finally, how it will bring awareness to her husband of the importance of his work, which she sees as a job as normal. There is a wave, a pyromaniac who is lagging behind, but the film is far from aiming a scenario-type Backdraft by Ron Howard, otherwise more spectacular.

Daily chronicles of the life of a small barracks, the MEN OF THE FIRE proves to be a docu-fiction rather disappointing, which will appeal to those who want to know the job of a fireman, or even will perhaps some vocations.


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Original title : the men of The fire

Realization : Pierre Jolivet

Screenplay : Pierre Jolivet

Main actors : Roschdy Zem, Émilie Dequenne, Michaël Abiteboul

Release Date : July 5, 2017

Duration : 1h30min
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