Failing to be a land of sham from the folklore of Spanish as I thought, Zugarramurdi is a small village located in the north-west of the province of Navarre in Spain, and which was known during the Inquisition, a large trial where dozens of people accused of witchcraft have been burned alive. It is a bit the equivalent of iberian from the Witch trials of Salem in the United States, but don’t worry, I’ll spare you a new paragraph history in advising you rather to watch the 3rd season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY.

You have always dream of seeing Jesus truncate his cross for a pump shotgun, or to see Minnie Mouse to leave his faithful friend Mickey the time to indulge in criminal activities ? And well-Álex de la Iglesia has perhaps made your dream come true with his new film, THE WITCHES OF ZUGARRAMURDI , where it follows a band of robbers fans wearing stick-in avatars for the most cartoonesques robbing a shop of gold at the Puerta del Sol. The arrival of the forces of the order gives rise to a shoot-out and pursuit race spectacular where our hero Jose (Hugo Silva), who has embedded his son in the getaway, Tony (Mario Casas) and Manuel (Jaime Ordóñez) are heading to the border to take refuge in France ! However, all this excitement leads them inadvertently in the village of ill repute of Zugarramurdi, a place of sorcery !

A story with endearing and fully lit, drawing a portrait, at once satirical and tasty on gender relations. A success !

Land in a bled clueless infested with witches, what is the height for these male characters already in conflict with the women after the problems through in their relationship of couple respective. If the action is evolving in a context of economic crisis, as highlighted by the turning of the beginning, the loot that consists of thousands of alliances in gold perfectly underlines this tear in the relationship between men and women. Our heroes who have eluded the police will receive their punishment in Zugarramurdi on the part of witches determined to get revenge on the male sex.

Action scenes are frantic, setting the scene of high-flying, humor pest, THE WITCHES OF ZUGARRAMURDI leads the audience into a frenzy of sparkling and contagious, which is full of good ideas. Regrettably, however, a drop of pace in its last third where the fantasy begins to take over, in particular because of a plombante meeting of witches in which is invoked the goddess, an entity that my faith would have deserved a bigger budget to finalize its design.

And what about the end of the film, sloppy, leaving a bitter aftertaste of unfinished business in view of all generous ambition, and ardor. Despite all this, THE WITCHES OF ZUGARRAMURDI is a story with endearing and fully lit, drawing a portrait, at once satirical and tasty on gender relations. A success !



Three robbers of a store of gold of the Puerta del Sol in Madrid, in flight towards the French border, will take refuge, by mistake, in the town of Zugarramurdi, a place of witchcraft, on the eve of a very important meeting of thousands of witches…

Original title : Las brujas de Zugarramurdi

Achievement : Álex de la Iglesia

Screenplay : Álex de la Iglesia, Jose Guerricaechevarría

Main actors : Hugo Silva, Mario Casas, Jaime Ordóñez, Carolina Bang, Carmen Maura

Country of origin : Spain

Output : 8 January 2014

Duration : 01h59

Distributor : Rezo Films

Trailer :

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