lready director of THE KILLER, released in 2007, and The LAWYER, released in 2011, Cédric Anger , interested in a curious fact to various of the seventies for his new achievement : the case of the Killer of the Oise, who had once defrayed the chronicle, as the perpetrator investigating himself on his misdeeds. Headlining : Guillaume Canet. Already in a role against the job last summer in the film ofAndré Téchiné, The MAN THAT WE LIKED TOO, it is found here in the skin of a character as terrifying as it surprises humanity.

The adaptations of the various facts have recently had a hard life in the French cinema. Whether it’s Nicole Garcia and his poor OPPONENT, or even the interesting but easy POSSESSIONS, it is really difficult to find worthy projects, going beyond the simple questioning on the violence of human nature. THE NEXT TIME I VISERAI THE HEART , however, is not so far from this definition, but it surprises by revealing gradually a pleasant exception as unexpected as it remains imperfect. This diving licked in the France under Giscard is both terrifying and a calm fascinating : the opening scene is, in this respect, a grand finale to an incredible mastery of dramatic suspense intense. And this introduction will be to the image of the rest of the film, as each scene of murder, or relating in any case, the investigation and the crimes of the main character, is outstanding, a voltage crazy, written and filmed in brilliant manner. Anger has a single class to observe the inner demons of the role of Canet : this look, his gestures, his hesitations and his impulses are moral. It is, perhaps, the most disturbing of THE NEXT TIME I VISERAI THE HEART : his serial killer compulsive disorder would become almost endearing, or in any case fascinating, so his doubts are sublimated by the camera director.

Canet is brilliant – it may be his best role here. Never in the surjeu, always in a kind of interaction between a murderous madness to the limit of the horror cinema and a class of fiction that would not have denied that the best writers of our time. Unfortunately, it feels a little lonely in the middle of a casting generally under-exploited : we appreciate to see Ana Girardot and Jean-Yves Berteloot, but the supporting roles are generally erased. And this is all part of the film about the romance between Canet and Girardot who suffers from it, which was interesting, but having most of the time like a filling not essential.

”The Next time I viserai the heart reveals a pleasant surprise, an experience of cinema that prevails for its a very good scene, a photograph of a plastic beauty admirable and Guillaume Canet proud to interpretation memorable.”

Anger is interested in the man, to his secrets, to appearances, the more often fake. In this, THE NEXT TIME I VISERAI THE HEART is closer to the astonishment of the approach of David Fincher in his recent GONE GIRL , but in a far less broad. In the film ofAnger, it is a question of the intimate and the image, social life and private life. The police officer a murderer and the guy is a psychopath are issues so severe that they exaggerate the message conveyed here. Everyone has a bit of mystery, a dose of shameful secrets that he hides the best he can. This is sort of the case of the character of Canet here : crazy not so crazy, anthropophobe not so social. As unusual as it gets closer to each of us, this resurgence in the surface of the internal instincts buried in the man reinforces the unease lord for integration among his peers.

It is on this final note that ends the film ofAnger. Not free of defects, sometimes a bit of a caricature of a certain film anti manichean in his manner cold enough to expose his story, THE NEXT TIME I VISERAI THE HEART reveals yet a pleasant surprise, an experience of cinema that prevails for its a very good scene – sometimes a bit formal, this said, a photograph of a plastic beauty admirable and Guillaume Canet proud to interpretation memorable. Lacking a bit of genius, a message more complex, a die-hard and ambiguous that does all the salt of this kind of movie. We will avoid even to spit in the soup : this kind of crime fiction, it is also rare that it’s been a pleasure.

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Realisation : Cédric Anger

Screenplay : Cédric Anger, after Yvan Stefanovitch

Main actors : Guillaume Canet, Ana Girardot, Jean-Yves Berteloot, Patrick Azam, Douglas Attal

Country of origin : France

Released : November 12, 2014

Duration : 1h51mn

Distributor : Mars Distribution

Synopsis : For several months, between 1978 and 1979, the inhabitants of the Oise are immersed in anguish and terror : a maniac is rampant targeting young women.

After having attempted to reverse many at the wheel of his car, he ends up hurt and kill auto-stoppeuses chosen at random. The man is everywhere and nowhere, escaping the traps of investigators and dams. It escapes much more easily than it is in reality a young and shy policeman who leads an average life and without stories within his brigade. Gendarme model, it is in charge of investigating his own crimes until the cards of his journey murderer escape him.

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