In the 1980s, the Aids virus is raging. Ned Weeks, a writer and activist, decides to fight and form a support group fighting against this disease. ”

With such a pitch, the new artistic project of the very prolific Ryan Murphy would seem to be a new DALLAS BUYERS CLUB or an ersatz television of PHILADELPHIA, Jonathan Demme’s movie, with two Oscars and as much of the Golden Globes. But Ryan Murphy being what it is, is a showrunner of engineering, THE NORMAL HEART is nothing. Both polemical and lyrical, the telefilm produced by HBO is an event in itself. Because of its subject, its treatment, and of course the cast. Explanations.

Adapted from the play of the same name by Larry Kramer, who has here assumed the function of a writer, THE NORMAL HEART from a simple observation. In 1981, when the Aids virus began to wreak havoc, the u.s. government has been slow to react, and even more to admit that such a virus was a public health problem. Because he was not well known, because we didn’t know how to describe it, because it only concerned a minority. All possible reasons are referred to in the course of 2h13 in the film and none is left to chance. Without wishing to be preachy, the film by Ryan Murphy pushes for reflection and strength to make parallels between the situation described and represented in the 1980s, and the social revolutions of the present. With all the boldness that we know, Ryan Murphy doesn’t hesitate to show the ravages of such a virus on the body and the behavioral changes necessary that he be born.

If the scenario can sometimes seem heavy and oppressive, particularly because of the large number of deaths that are taking place, it has nevertheless the merit of the story, from the beginning to the end, of the link between Ned Weeks (Mark Ruffalo, ELUSIVE) and Felix Turner (Matt Bomer, MAGIC MIKE). Because of its subject, THE NORMAL HEART does not skimp on the scenes of shock, moments of deep intimacy, whether within a couple or between two friends of long standing. Everything is shown, everything is told, nothing is hidden. And while one would think that Ryan Murphy would go to scenes that are sexually transmitted and highly explicit, this is actually not the case. The creator of shows like POPULAR, NIP/TUCK, GLEE and, more recently, AMERICAN HORROR STORY delivers here a film of relatively soft, where the gay community is shown to such what is “really” far from the clichés that too often spread. To say that sex is absent from the film would be a lie. But it is never represented on the screen in a manner of questionable or too annoying. In addition to a orgy scene quickly masked by a blur effect explicit, THE NORMAL HEART , demonstrating a modesty legitimate and justified at this level. Be interesting first of all to the personality and struggle of the hero, the adaptation of Larry Kramer is built like a disaster movie in which no one is immune. Never veer into melodrama ultra dramatic, the film manages to move us, or even to completely make us cry. In particular, because, although it is here to showcase the aids virus, the “cancer gay” as called by some, THE NORMAL HEART speaks to all. All those who have experienced near or far, the disease, all those who have seen someone from without to be able to help, all those who were afraid to see their time come too quickly.

“Achievement is mastered, soundtrack, catchy, and photograph remarkable.”

To carry his film, his baby, his most memorable project, Ryan Murphy has taken the cream of Los Angeles. Start with the remarkable Julia Roberts (A ETE A OSAGE COUNTY) who here embodies Dr. Emma Brookner, the woman who will realize Ned that the evil which his community seems to suffer is not ready to disappear. Charismatic and moving, this is ultimately a character that works best for us to make the parallel between aids and any other disease. Main character, passionate and sometimes a little too much, Mark Ruffalo delivers a good performance, without being extraordinary. The fault in dialogues sometimes too literary ? No doubt. In front of him, Matthew Bomer full screen. Whether in a journalist course or patient whose time is running out, the actor 36-year-old is attracting attention as a person and manages to make the story subtly unbearable. In the rest of the cast, it should be noted the presences of Jim Parsons (THE BIG BANG THEORY), absolutely awesome as a friend and a big mouth, Alfred Molina (IDENTITY, SECRET); very good big brother, loving but overwhelmed, and Taylor Kitsch (FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS), perfect for an investment banker unable to cope with its coming-out. And the history of mark the dimension very current topic, the producers chose Jonathan Groff, already essential to the series ” gay ” LOOKING (aired on HBO) to embody the first victim of the virus.

If it is possible to make links between THE NORMAL HEART, PHILADELPHIA, and DALLAS BUYERS CLUB, the film by Ryan Murphy looks at, appreciates, and sees himself as a work. A director openly homosexual, which was to make its contribution to a community to which he owes everything, or at least many. Although you can find the movie sometimes a bit slow, THE NORMAL HEART shows brilliantly the long descent into the underworld of a man who, at the time when he loses all hope, eventually find love, but will eventually lose it, carried away by a plague that surpasses it – and that is beyond us, unfortunately, still today. Produced by Brad Pitt and broadcast on HBO, the film should not let the next big ceremonies us indifferent. With a realization brought under control, a band of his faithful and lively as well as a photograph absolutely remarkable, THE NORMAL HEART is a dream, cry and think. Thanks to a casting, four-star, replica memorable and a treatment highly objective, the film should appeal to all generations.

Original title : The Normal Heart

Achievement : Ryan Murphy

Screenplay : Larry Kramer

Main actors : Mark Ruffalo, Matt Bomer, Jim Parsons, Alfred Molina, Taylor Kitsch, Julia Roberts, Jonathan Groff

Country of origin : United States

Released : MAY 25, 2014

Duration : 2h13mn

Distributor : HBO

Synopsis : In the 1980s, the Aids virus is raging. Ned Weeks, a writer and activist, decides to fight and form a support group fighting against this disease.

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