[critical] THE ROLE OF MY LIFE

An b, nugget of cinema, u.s. independent right ahead! With his second project as director, actor and screenwriter, Zach Braff (SCRUBS, THE FANTASTIC WORLD Of OZ) proves, 10 years after GARDEN STATE, he is also skilled in front and behind the camera. In narrating the daily glutton, an “apprentice actor [who] prefer to educate their children rather than send them to public school,” the director, who is also the main character of his film, takes us to a joyride through Los Angeles, its large villas, huge hills and broken dreams. Drama-comedy rather than comedy-drama, THE ROLE OF MY LIFE makes us realize, at the end of the 120 minutes that account, that there is no age to accomplish his dreams, that there was not a time when one must stop dreaming. And that being a father does not prevent us to continue to grow, to mature.

In this role of dad clueless that rolled up and finally the sleeves, Zach Braff excels. At this point it seems obvious that the character of Aidan Bloom is a different version of his own him, of his own personality. Even humor pest, the same report cynico-pragmatic religion. Yes, Aidan Bloom is a piece of Zach Braff, a piece that we love and that we makes it good. Never take for a hero and never seem to be, THE ROLE OF MY LIFE is a journey of initiation for Aidan Bloom. His career seems not to be doomed to take off a day. His father is going to die. Her children can no longer go to the private school they were attending so far. The life of his wife is not as rosy as he thought. His brother prefers to go after Miley Cyrus via Twitter than talking to their father. And finally, his mother is no longer here to calm the tensions and bring the whole family. In short, the life of Aidan Bloom is a hell of a mess, and the outcome could well be disastrous. And this is ultimately why we love them. As with LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE, the characters in the ROLE OF MY LIFE , all have things to settle with themselves or with others. And above all, they still have much to learn and live that it is a feast that could accompany you during these few days.

Beating the codes of drama, comedy and inspiring references to net science-fiction, the scenario of Adam J. and Zach Braff turns out to be rather brilliant. Full of humor, self-deprecation and a cynicism sometimes mind-boggling, THE ROLE OF MY LIFE is to see as the fruit of the collaboration of two minds, well filled and different, and so close by their family relationship. Result: there are more laughs, the replicas that have made fly, and we hardly dare to mention this final sequence full of good feelings and that makes us feel a lot better. Everything is of course accompanied by a soundtrack blending pop and folk, and plans and means of the whole beauty. Because, yes, far caps in Los Angeles, hiding the scenery absolutely beautiful and thought-provoking, which aficionados of Instagram would be the fans.

”Attention, nugget of cinema, u.s. independent right ahead!”

To embody the whole of his small family, Zach Braff has done some very good actors. Started by Kate Hudson (THE KILLER INSIDE ME”). Yes, I know. Even I have tiqué. Kate Hudson, a good actress? Well, in THE ROLE OF MY LIFE, yes! Joey King (THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, the CONJURING) and Pierce Gagnon (LOOPER) interpret the children Bloom and, let’s be honest, are a real added value to the film. Their lines, their actions, their bouilles, everything is done for us to make them sympathetic, endearing, and it works. And not a little. In the rest of the cast, we find Mandy Patinkin (CRIMINAL MINDS) in a grand-father and father hard and loving at the time, Josh Gad (THE INTERNS) by uncle alone, sad, unloved. A character to which it also attaches quickly and which seems so “human” through his reactions. For the rest, we will focus on the participation of Donald Faison (SCRUBS), Ashley Greene (TWILIGHT) and of course the amazing Jim Parsons (THE NORMAL HEART), whose comic talent is no longer to demonstrate.

A true ray of sunshine during a summer’s too cloudy for our liking, THE ROLE OF MY LIFE to appreciate like any good feel-good movie. We really like the characters, we laugh in the face of the dialogues, one is amazed in front of some plans and we love the true-false morality of the film. Having money and a career, it is good. But to enjoy his family and pursue his dreams, it is better. What’s more is, like other films in the same vein, THE ROLE OF MY LIFE reminds us that life is too short to put all our problems. Do not forget that!

Original title : Wish I Was Here

Achievement : Zach Braff

Screenplay : Adam J. Braff, Zach Braff

Main actors : Zach Braff, Jim Parsons, Kate Hudson, Pierce Gagnon, Joey King, Mandy Patinkin, Ashley Greene, Donald Faison

Country of origin : United States

Released : AUGUST 13, 2014

Duration : 2h00mn

Distributor : Wild Bunch Distribution

Synopsis : In Hollywood, an apprentice-actor prefers to educate their children rather than send them to public school…

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