[critical] The Runaways

Los Angeles, 1975. Joan Jett and Cherie Currie, two teenage rebels, meet and become the iconic figures of what will prove to be the most famous of the groups of glam rock female, the Runaways. After an irresistible rise in California in boiling creative, these two young stars the legendary will open the way for future generations of female musicians. Under the influence of their manager, the eccentric Kim Fowley, the group will quickly take the lead and unleash the masses. Beyond history is unique, here is the true story of young girls who are seeking, will reach their dreams and change the music forever.

Author’s Note


Release Date : September 15, 2010

Directed by Floria Sigismondi

Film american

With Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning, Michael Shannon

Duration : 1h46min

Trailer :

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The rock n’ roll is the musical genre most ritualistic and the most crazy of the Twentieth century. This happy paradox is his glory. Women have always been counted among the idolaters and yet as early as 1975, without outstrip the ranks of the faithful, they will hold the neck of the guitar. This passage from the pit to the podium, this bond of chamois, Floria Sigismondi has shot with intelligence. Explanations.

Joan Jett and Cherie Currie are two teenagers bitter that the sun of California does égaye not. Has a miserable family life in addition to the traditional identity crisis of awkward age. The only recourse for them – but what use ! – is the dive into the rock n’ roll dreams. Joan has a guitar, Cherie a style, Fowley is manager music : equation.

The Runaways chronicles the runaway success of the first rock band to be female, of his hopes of conquest in its dislocation of no return. The film focuses on the strange relationship between the five girls in the wind with the eccentric Fowley. This guru improvised persuades Joan and her colleagues that women could not survive in a world of men without having a good pair of balls between his legs. The rock is a man’s world. It encourages them to behave with rudeness any male, but the feminine insistent of Cherie upside down gives. The confession of Fawley, Cherie is the Brigitte Bardot of the training. It is the bow of the boat, the one by which the jealousy will happen.

The director points the finger on this inherent contradiction in the power of women. Should we ape the man at the risk of being a clone or should it take on his gender at the risk of being an object ? In our societies of the patriarchs, the women are still at risk. In the middle of a rock prophetic, the Runaways would have been able to identify the third path (the path of Lara Croft, perhaps). Drug and grudge will be dam to their quest. The quality of the film depends primarily on the depth of its theme and the pleasant surprise of seeing Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning came out of the babyhood. The two actresses, united previously in Twilight, we know that the label ”cutesy” and doesn’t stick to their forehead. Fanning-brigitte Bardot, all in bewilderment and restraint is simply unpredictable and Stewart, vaulted and almost animal away from the little effort that has made it famous. Special Mention to the excellent Michael Shannon (Fowley), the crazy of the Wedding Rebels of Sam Mendes, always crazy ! This actor unjustly ignored is the merging of the alchemist with Jim Carrey and Jack Nicholson. Master of ceremony of this great debate sexual, he offers a vision of decadence of man, as the alcoholic father of Cherie. The story begins with the loss of the menstrual blood of the young woman’s rite of passage from amazon. Gentlemen, a word to the wise, hi. Ladies have something to spit into the microphone.

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