The surface of repair, the first feature-length film by Christophe Régin, plunges us into the scenes of the world of football.

The director Christophe Régin, that we had met during the Francophone Film Festival of Angoulême , has long played football as an amateur. It is the melancholy of some of his teammates, who could claim to become professionals, but had been turned back, by which it was inspired. THE penalty AREA tackles with subtlety what can feel these men have a talent, but whose dream has been broken because of injury or because other players are better than they have been noticed in their place. No need to be a fan of football to appreciate the psychological dimension of these men who have difficulty turning the page, not convert not and continue to evolve in this world, but without ever touching a ball. In some ways, the film is also thinking about The small princes, who talked about the difficulties of a young man in the training centre of football, or even to Mercenary, which was from the point of view of a young linebacker.

This is exactly what is Franck/Franck Gastambide (Pattaya) tremendous in a first dramatic role, and for which the producer has thought about it in writing. He sensed a sensitivity and a tenderness in the actor that exudes something manly, of which he had need for his character. Franck is the man to trust unofficial of one of the leaders of the club from FC Nantes Yves/Hippolyte Girardot (The ghosts of Ishmael). The filmmaker has chosen to position its plot within a club whose image is enough to be wise rather than in a club more popular, which could rub off on his project. Franck vivote around the club, carries out the mission, ungrateful to address the problems of the players. It protects them from parasites and potential of their own demons : drugs, but also meetings with the young women who gravitate around the mid-footeux. Man bass works, it is nice, efficient and discreet. He is also interested in the youth of the club in the process of becoming professionals.

Two characters will come and put a grain of sand in the well oiled machine of Franck. First of all the encounter with one of these “michetonneuses” resourceful Salome/Alice Isaaz (Rosalie Blum). The director narrowly avoids a cliché anti-feminist, thanks to the way in which he portrays the complex character of Salome. Admittedly jaded and interested in the money, she also has a great vulnerability and is not insensitive to the charm of Franck. And then the return of his former team-mate Djibril/Moussa Mansaly – himself a former semi-pro football (Patients). Be forced to rub shoulders with Djibril returns to his own failure and his hopes disappointed. And he, the loser think he can compete, in the eyes of Salome, with Djibril.

The exchange of glances between Franck and a little monkey in a cage a night in a zoo is also a nice metaphor for what he feels : he is locked in his own prison. Until now, he was able to swallow his pride but the scornful look of someone who has passed will arouse his anger. THE SURFACE REPAIR is the moving portrait of a nice guy, but alone, who has no other choice than to make the mourning a period of his life to finally be able to find its place.


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Original title : The penalty area

Realization : Christophe Régin

Screenplay : Christophe Régin

Key players : Franck Gastambide, Alice Isaaz, Hippolyte Girardot

Release Date : 17 January 2018

Duration : 1h34 min
4.0final Note
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