[critical] Transformers 2 – The Revenge

Two years have passed since Sam Witwicky has saved the universe from a decisive battle between the two rival clans of robotic aliens. Despite his achievements, Sam is still a teenager concerned about the worries of the young people of his age : as he prepares to enter college, he must separate from his girlfriend, Mikaela and his parents for the first time in his life. He also has to try to explain his departure to his new friend, the robot Bumblebee. Sam yearns to live a normal life of a student, but he must turn his back on his destiny to achieve it.

If Sam did what he was able to draw a line on the conflict, which took place in Mission City and return to his everyday concerns, the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons, while being classified top secret, has brought several changes. The Sector 7 has been disbanded and its most loyal soldier, agent Simmons, was removed unceremoniously. Result : a new agency, NEST, has been put in place…

Author’s Note


Release Date : June 24, 2009

Directed by Michael Bay

Film american

With Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel

Duration : 2h 31 min

Trailer :

Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg, accompanied by their fine team made up of Shia LaBeouf (that we have seen in the last Indiana Jones), the very sexy Megan Fox and mister Vegas ( Josh Duhamel), rempilent for a sequel that is already announced as THE blockbuster of the summer.

It is necessary to say that mr. Bay and mr. Spielberg have seen it big and put the package level special effects with not less than 200 million dollar budget (!).

But it all worth it worth it in the end ? Then, Tranformers, atomic bomb or junk movie of the summer ?

More robots, more action, new Transformers do not let the viewer time to get bored. From the first minutes, they are caught up in the deluge of fighting grandiloquents perfectly controlled, in which one sees with amazement that our dear piles of scrap metal have learned the martial arts, this collection of explosions of all kinds that we put full eyes during the entire film.

To this we must add the sexy touch of the film with Megan Fox , who shows us how she manages to draw a crest on a Chopper in a break from less comfortable (but hey this is Hollywood so why not), and Isabel Lucas who will be at the poster of the next film from Michael and Peter Spierig (Daybreakers) and that we reserve some surprises in Transformers. The ladies are also not left behind with Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson and many other american soldiers suants who still have not understood that the use of the rifles, the assault was not used for nothing in the face of machines that are 3 meters high. But hey, they are beautiful then it is necessary to forgive them.

Transformers 2 also contains its share of humor (blockbuster requires more or less funny, but all in all holds up rather well to the road, and gives birth to dialogues delicious even if a little ” bug ” from time to time.

Technical level, the film is also correct in his together with a perfect sense of mise en scene, mounting a surgical, a good realization, an incredible sense of detail and pace that will eventually drown the viewer in its own adrenaline.

This new opus was seduced by these elements worthy of the greatest epics, marrying more or less subtly action and psychology (even if it is very low, it is in psychology) with a sense of humor and enthusiasm for communicative conducive to us to get a fun non-concealable.

Unfortunately, that says more action and special effects also said more stupid american.

It is thus the largest of the stupeurs is that we learn that the americans are the absolute masters of the world (if, if, they say, then it is necessary to believe), they can violate the borders in the air when they feel like it and they can send a whole regiment of soldiers, aircraft, and hunts tanks on the egyptian territory, all in ten seconds.

They are strong, these yanks, really strong !

The film is also marred by small errors and unsightly which come to interfere with the proper unfolding storyline : a secret society american sees the light of day to hunt in the nooks and crannies, the sworn enemies of the planet : I named the Decepticons. But the good is that they manage to keep a secret and managed to hide this war, despite the collapse of buildings, destruction of roads and the presence of amateur videos. Another proof of their intellectual superiority.

Another highlight, we learn that a man can sustain a discharge of the taser to the point of passing out, and be plumb ten seconds later (Superman would be there among us ?).

Finally, the icing on the cake, which we refers directly to us, the French : the americans are very strong in geography and proves it by moving our dear Eiffel Tower, which does not appear in the correct place in a sequence of spectacular. My faith, even with 200 million budget, they are not screwed in place properly the Eiffel Tower. Provocation or simplicity of mind ? No one knows and will know.

Certainly these are details, trifles, but after a while, the addition begins to be heavy, and the more meticulous among us will not be bothered by these small imperfections.

In conclusion, this suite is a great entertainment, a show pop-corn at a breakneck pace that never lets fall to the pressure due to the aggressive pursuit of Michael Bay and creativity without fault of Steven Spielberg, if one forgets the many errors previously cited.

Transformers 2 is a savory cocktail that was stimulated by the action scenes are explosive in character, resolutely original. And for once, we see robots in their entirety in a film of robot, without the play of light that does not prove that a parcel of land, we will not sulk our pleasure.

If this is not the blockbuster of the summer of 2009 (expect the other contenders such as G. I Joe), Transformers 2 approach greatly.

2h30mn of enjoyment full, which we taped to our chairs, which it appears exhausted by this firework of special effects. The great, great show.

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