[critical] TRANSFORMERS : age of extinction


lready I want to say a big word…BROTHEL ! It’s ALWAYS the same story . I go out of the cinema and I limp like Kevin Spacey in Usual Suspect. I still have this unpleasant feeling of me being depressed a huge baseball bat in the rectum, but…

I know what to expect with this license, and I am consistently receiving what I have been looking at : it’s great no matter what.

It’s always the same old same old, I can’t prevent me from dauber blithely coming out of the cinema, but I also think that it was still really enjoyable in some aspects…

It’s like the water cycle, it is clear : Blockbusters will always apply the same recipes, and we serve them with more or less delicacy… For Transformers, it is too fat, completely tasteless, and the service is deplorable… But it must be acknowledged that there was a fifo, and that everything is not to throw.

So I’m going to use me to knock this film with fondness.

When you purchase a ticket, it is already necessary to prepare psychologically to the thing : It is an action film which puts the spotlight on cars-robots (autobots) who have the ability to transform into a huge soldiers, very strong in the fight.

Has the Achievement, it is Michael Bay. The addicted to the TNT, producer of Film “Boom”. The flagship of the sweat, and America at cap.

It is not necessary to forget also that it is a suite, with all that it implies : this is the 4th installment of the license.

Last thing : Shia Laboeuf , who embodies the hero of the components previous went to other spheres, he decided not to re-enlist. It is Mark Wahlberg , who replaces it with worthlessness.


By purchasing the ticket, put you in mind that the sole purpose of this meeting will be to empty the mind in the broad sense… to become a beast, annihilating any small piece of intelligence, it is the return to the primal, masculine and manly, the one that has created our modern societies. Get ready to join the brotherhood of the NVB : Tits, Car, Fighting.

Then the positive aspects; we should acknowledge the high quality of the special effects. I’m not talking about explosions, which although impressive, fail to trigger a proximity of danger…

but the excellent use of digital . this is the element on which the film may rest. The big highlight. The autobots put up in full view, 2H46 film, I have not felt boredom. The mission fun experience is a success.It is also can be linked to the timeline in the Budweiser . That gives the impression that the editor is pissed. or that the film is just a series of ellipses so that there is nothing to ellipser.

After, that we love them or hate them, it’s still frankly enjoyable to see the cars transform into soldiers, and “dinosaurs mechanical tatanent America by spitting fire”. And Finally, why is there this kind of production?

It is simply exploring the domain of the impossible, of the de-realization extreme. This kind of cinema has this power, it can lay us 2H46 on the fantasy sexy car soldier that beats anything that moves. On paper, the desire to go see the film remains intact, even if this time, we will not have a Dino that smashes the Brooklin Bridge, or giant ape that climbs the Empire State, but we will have our show, which will suspend our lives for a moment, and get us out of the everyday.

”We are in front of a movie bad manners, sloppy, done by businessmen for the sole purpose of having immediate return on investment.”

The negative points are numerous: plans foireux, a cruel lack of originality. The interpretation is limited and the characters without flavor… The dialogues are of an incredible poverty. The humour is slapstick, sometimes limit, the staging chaotic, without style. Keys opera, are disturbing and uncomfortable as it fell against the time.

The whole gives the sensation that we are before a film is rude, sloppy, done by businessmen for the sole purpose of having immediate return on investment.

A problem arises ;and we feel a lack of sensation at the contact of the robots… on the contrary, a Pacific Rim in which the gigantism vertical makes sense. Michael Bay flounders and fails. Damage.

The scenario is easy, it is not of any interest, probably flared in the 5 minutes between the two pubs, in a hallway of the box prod.

Wholesale, evil aliens are in cahoots with the bad guys of the CIA, they combine to hunt down and kill our friends the autobots. To do this, under the guise of eradicating the divide human/ autobot, manufacturer : Stanley Tucci (the only film actor to propose a correct set), finds nothing better than to create their own autobots. Which are in fact the puppets of the leader of the decepticons. Of course, the ultimate goal of these is to destroy the earth and humans.

A classic scenario, led by a trio of human heroes nunuches father/daughter/boyfriend. The last city is going to have to earn his place with the father, completely in bulk, and very protective vis a vis his cherished daughter . Blablablibloublablabliblablabla. Surely the 25th treatment on the surface of this schema type Armageddon.

In short, we surf again on grounds of a caricature too often exploited.



Sometimes the blockbuster deal with existential questions, develop characters with more or less brio ( the Dark Knight, or Spiderman from Raimi), this is not the primary purpose of the action movies, I agree with you, but I love it when even when this aspect is activated, it is just a matter of respect to the viewer.This gives the seed to eat for those who like the turn of phrase psychological things… Here, nothing, no access, it is nothingness. All decisions are de-reasoned and short-sighted… it’s dark, the wicked rushed, the hero rush, it’s going all right, it is a manichean, binary, a teenager, and rushed.. the fight, the fight against the villains, boom boom boom, the cause is far away, we don’t understand, but that doesn’t matter: to the attack!it was a bit short, psychology… minimum what.

Here you feel away from it all. No empathy for this inventor missed played by Mark Wahlberg , who struggles to find friends, and to educate his daughter (Nicola Peltz) that it is not good that has to pay for his shorty, and to roll of the shovels on the beach rear of the car tunée of his little friend, The Sébastien Loeb Texan (Jack Reynor)…

To conclude: it is a film that has big deficiencies ; Mise en scene, acting, dialogue, technique, and the lack of background. So if you are demanding vis-à-vis the film, and its depth, go on your way. Transformers , it’s a world, of fleeting pleasure. A world of spectacle, or the immediate is assumed. It is a film of consumption pure which has for only ambition to make the time pass with excessive. The real concern is that the staging is not at the level of the show announced. In this sense the specification vis-à-vis the spectator is not respected…

But we all next maso.


Original title : TRANSFORMERS : age of extinction

Achievement : Michael Bay

Screenplay : Ehren Kruger

Main actors : Mark Wahlberg, Stanley Tucci, Kelsey Set

Country of origin : American , chinese,

Released : July 16, 2014

Duration : 2h46mn

Distributor : Paramount Pictures France

Synopsis : Four years after the hectic events of “Transformers : The hidden side of the Moon”, a group of powerful scientists, is seeking to push through the Transformers, the limits of the technology.

At the same time, the father of a family in texas, Cade Yeager, discovers an old truck which is none other than Optimus Prime. This discovery will attract the wrath of some Savoy, whose goal is to eliminate the Transformers. During this time, the battle between the Autobots and the Décepticons resurfaced…

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