[critical] Tropic Thunder

A casting of hell for a trip… at the end of the hell ! Headlining : Tugg Speedman, the star of the action film, in free fall since its last three turnips. At her side is Jeff Portnoy, a specialist in comedies (very) low-end, eager to prove his qualities as an actor ; Kirk Lazarus, an actor “Method” multi-award-winning and 100 % frosted ; Chino, superstar pop and a fan of Al Pacino ; and Kevin Sandusky, the dashing young bloke at all happy to be a part of the band. Five egos to be oversized in the service of the “greatest war film of all time”. On paper, it stands (or almost), but on shooting any out of control : the whims of the stars and the inability of the director, Damien Cockburn, inflate costs at a pace dizzying, to the point that the studio decides to just stop… It was then that Damien came up with the idea “awesome” to lead his small troop in the heart of the Golden Triangle for an experience of “cinema-truth” of a genre novel. Deadly…

Author’s Note


Release Date : October 15, 2008

Directed by Ben Stiller

Film american

With Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Robert Downey Jr, Nick Nolte, Tom Cruise

Duration : 1h48

Original Title : Tropic Thunder

Trailer :

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Tropic thunder offers us a great number of actors at the zenith of their humor. Some not hesitating to appear in a new light like Robert Downey Jr and Tom Cruise (perfect in the anti himself). The tone of the movie is given in the first pictures with the fake movie trailers in Grindhouse – ideal exposure of the different protagonists, which gives us the opportunity to see Jeff Porrtnoy (Jack Black) in imitations ofEddie Murphy, parodying the films The Family Senseless and Kirk Lazarus (Robert Downey Jr) we remaking Brokeback Mountain, version seminarians, with Tobey Maguire (Spiderman).

The different personalities, the ego oversized for the most part, will have to coexist and help each other in an adventure in the middle of the jungle far away from the trays hollywood.

The different protagonists of the story are very weak, however, the antagonism of these personalities allows you to create a true alchemy. The actors eventually drops the mask to the course of events is that they live in the jungle.

Jeff Portnoy, a comic actor typecast for his comedies clumsy and schoolboy, has need of this film to give a new breath to his career and breaking his image. He hides his hurt behind a certain bonhomie, and especially the various drugs that he consumes.

Al Pachino (Brandon Jackson), rapper macho bulimic women, and excess of all kinds in the eyes of the public, is struggling to make his coming-out of fear to disrupt his entire career.

Tugg Speedman (Ben Stiller), actor long enjoyed public and critical acclaim for his action films decerebrate, is in disgrace since he has radically changed the registry by performing a simple-minded in the film Simple Jack. This film is an opportunity for him to rebooster his career.

Kevin Sandulsky (Jay Baruchel), the actor beginner who has struggled to break into the business. The only really happy to embark on the adventure that will create the buzz of his career as the stars in the poster are of the shadow.

Kirk Lazarus, an actor recognized and acclaimed of all, is a professional perfectionist totally crazy not hesitating to undergo a process of pigmentation of the skin for the purposes of the film. This need of perfection hiding her sweet madness and his deep lack of confidence in him that the adventure will reveal.

These different profiles are projected in a hostile universe where they will reveal themselves in their true light, far from the spotlights and sequins.

An adventure that will transform them forever and enable them to resume their lives – and their careers – in-hand.

Ben Stiller delivers to us here his film the most successful in terms of realization and action scenes. Tropic thunder is full of references to war movies : from Apocalypse Now to Platoon, all the big stars of the genre are passed to the blender with the sauce Stiller for our greatest pleasure.

The world of american cinema – in particular, the sharks of the production – is scratched generously, insisting on the fact that the actor – also capricious they are – are only puppets in their hands. Ben Stiller is completely loose in this film, wearing the multiple hats of actor, director and producer.

Tropic thunder is an excellent comedy. Although humor is often a lack of finesse, which may confuse many viewers, the film Ben Stiller is a real therapy against melancholy. A comedy about trash and often politically incorrect, which puts the cheek-bone to the test.

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