[critical] Twilight-chapitre 4 – Revelation (part 1)

Bella has made her choice : she is about to marry Edward. But the young man will honor its share of the market ? Accepting it can transform into a vampire and see him renounce his human life ?

Author’s Note


Release Date : November 16, 2011

Directed by Bill Condon

Film american

With Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner

Duration : 1h57min

Original title : The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1

Trailer :

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In cinema, there are films that tend the arm to the critics murdered, their tickled almost to the tip of the foot so that they hit more… You have to be strong, very strong, to withstand the test of Chapter 4 of Twilight, a true masterpiece of boredom and vapidity.

The fourth chapter of the saga stands out in particular by the shallowness of its storyline. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, for over half the movie. In the background, a music track, less audacious than the music of an elevator at the Sofitel. On screen, actors more fardés a stolen car. So, we understand the tragedy that is playing out before us : a budget of almost $ 127 million, and not a single make-up artist at the height… At the wedding, the main character remains the dress of Bella, the other members of the various tribes in lieu of extras. The story, she seems to fall asleep on itself, and it follows painfully our two lovers to the famous coitus… immediately abbreviated by a pudibond fade to black. The Twilight door so loud the emblem of a kind of puritanism that is flavoured with rose water, also tasteless as redundant… It is then that a feeling of anxiety takes the throat of the viewer : why, but why was it necessary to divide the book into two parts ? But chapter one is still not completed and the approach of his coup de theatre : Bella gets pregnant ! After such a jolt, it will be understood that, out of breath by this fearlessness screenplay, the film plunges immediately into his stride.

It would not be fair not to acknowledge in this respect is the transformation of Bella, rather convincing and successful (in its thinness is startling). This is all that plays in to it, the interpretation of which borders on parody far, far away from the lightness of the first game. The game is heavy, and you will discover a Robert Pattinson whose boredom burst onto the screen, and that does not even seem to bother to play. It is ultimately Taylor Lautner (in the role of Jacob) who comes out the better in spite of the stubbornness of the writers to shorten anything that could give a semblance of density to the film. Bella is welcomed into a beautiful family who, without a shrug of the eyebrow, proposes to die for it. A legitimate concern of the father (Billy Burke), when her daughter’s health : a call, and we talk about it more. Even a werewolf betraying his pack does not seem to arouse more interest than that. Still Bella and Edward looking at each other lovingly. Still. And yet. A touch of nuance would not have been too much in the design of these characters black-and-white and monolithic.

The second part of the film strangely resembles a spot of propaganda, anti-abortion, featuring a young girl, preferring to die rather than have an abortion, and against medical advice of his father-in-law. Around it, a Robert Pattinson stoic and unhappy, and a Taylor Lautner growling and running in all directions. Of prodigious scenes of copied-pasted water this second part, in the form of flash images poorly scanned, a voice-over applies to us explain. What a surprise then to discover a delivery that was trying to gore, not too bad managed at the level of achievement, albeit a little chilly (we take the point of view, very fuzzy, Bella). Ok, a good point for the attempt. But the spectator is warned will be desolate without an understanding of : is this Bill Condon, director of Dreamgirls, and screenwriter from Chicago ?!

For those who do not want to lose a small amount in this film, in the direction of the trailer : everything is better paced. In summary, Twilight-Chapter 4 – Revelation (part 1) is undoubtedly a film to go see with closed eyes… A condition not to re-open during the session.

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