[critical] Twixt

A writer in decline arrives in a small town in the United States to promote her latest novel of witchcraft. It is lead by the sheriff in a mysterious story of murder in which the victim is a young girl in the corner. The same evening, he met in a dream, the enigmatic ghost of a teenage girl named V. He suspects a relationship between V and the murder committed in the city, but it also detects in this story a fascinating subject of novel, which is offered to him. To unravel this riddle, he will have to go rummage through the meanderings of her subconscious and discover that the key to the mystery is inextricably linked to his personal history.

Author’s Note


Release Date : April 11, 2012

Directed by Francis Ford Coppola

Film american

With Val Kilmer, Bruce Dern, Elle Fanning, Ben Chaplin

Duration : 1h29min

Original title : Twixt

Trailer :

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Buy a ticket, settle into your chair and let you do it : Coppola takes care of the rest. To those of you that like the stories, the real, to be led by the nose, Twixt will be a great happiness.

The voice of Tom Waits (off) hypnotisera from the introduction, according to the good old “Once upon a time” and a travelling of the camera takes you through the streets of a small town american apparently ” without history “.

Appearances are deceptive because Twixt is a tale of History, in the broad sense of the term, and on the crossings that everybody borrows to build, to invent its own history.

Hall Baltimore, a writer badly in need of inspiration (Val Kilmer) is growing the brains to discover the plot of his future novel. This quest of the fiction will lead-in the footsteps of another history-his own and those of children mysteriously disappeared…

The film is divided between the moments of waking and of dream Hall Baltimore which seems to have as much to learn, if not more, of his dreams than reality. In these famous dreams, whose aesthetic is reminiscent of a Tim Burton character fantastico-gothic, Hall meets with several characters (a young girl embodied by Elle Fanning, a famous writer – a kind of dandy, Acheron…) that will put it on the track of what he was seeking, away from his first quest to do is engage in a second, more intimate and more essential.

The cross-section of genres, Twixt explores both the registry dramatic, comic and fantastic. All wrapped in a canvas setting of choice.

These dream scenes, filmed in the american night, conceal a magic and great melancholy. With their landscapes of forests melted down in the blue from where emerge the red and gold alive, they are the slope poetics of the film, an allegory of the subconscious mind of Hall. What will we learn about him ? What will we learn from ourselves in the end ? Because the initiatory path of Hall Baltimore could be one of each(e) of us.

Coppola offers a movement of reversal, in relation to the creation. It replaces the idea of innovation (the production of something entirely new, and therefore turned towards this field blank – and empty ? – that is the future) by a reflection and recognition of what has already happened. The fiction is like a underground exploration, a return to the source. The process of creation would lead us necessarily to our own roots…

The theme of fatherhood, which pervades all the work of Coppola is, therefore, once again, present. But these substantive considerations should not make us forget that the film is funny, filled with comic situations. The cross-section of genres, Twixt explores all of the times the registry, drama, comedy, and fantasy, all wrapped in a canvas setting of choice.

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