[critical] Very Bad Cops

The inspectors Christopher Danson and P. K. Highsmith are the best cops of the city. They are heroes, nothing can stop them. Their colleagues even go so far as to tattoo their name.

But in the police, there are the big boys… and the other, as Gamble and Hoitz, two small inspectors without the scope, always in the shadow, in the background on the photos. Yet, at one time or another, each agent meets an opportunity to pass on to posterity.

When Gamble and Hoitz take on a matter apparently trivial, they soon find themselves at the heart of the largest criminal matter that the city has ever known. It is the chance of their life, but did he really have what it takes to take it ?

Author’s Note


Release Date : October 27, 2010

Directed by Adam McKay

Film american

With Mark Wahlberg, Samuel L. Jackson, Will Ferrell

Duration : 1h 47min

Trailer :

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If the category of “films to the con” became official and not personal to everyone, Very Bad Cops would be an excellent place. Why ? Simply because, far from being a success at all levels, Adam McKay (Brothers in Spite of Themselves) signs here a film completely crazy and wacky that reconciles us with the word entertainment.

Let’s face it, the storyline was nothing exciting and can be summed up in stacking situations, and revelations drawn from it here and there. Do we turn not more on the side of the visual effects that are mostly, voluntarily or not, of a rudeness without flaw with gimmicks and outdated since more than ten years. If Very Bad Cops cannot be summed up in these two points, it would be to throw to the dustbin as soon as possible. Lo and behold, it was without counting on the presence of actors known and recognized of all in total freedom in this urban jungle. Follows a scene introducing tasty with the presence of Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson , and dialogues succulent part of the film.

Has this introduction turbulent it will also be necessary to add the benefits almost divine of a quartet of players in total free-wheel. Mark Wahlberg and Eva Mendes , we snapped up without too much force smiles but it is on the side of Michael Keaton , but especially of Will Ferrell that the pleasure is more intense. In stems of tasty dialogue full of misunderstandings and other metaphors playful and situations of absolute nonsense, which have the merit of never falling into the vulgar.

However, if some people will swallow the soft food at one of this comedy, hoping to have a bit of rab, others will struggle to engage fully in the adventure. The fault of what ? Just the fact thatAdam McKay has not done in half-measures by incorporating a joke at the minute in his film. Consequence : a certain heaviness can be felt as well as a small rehearsal situations. Nevertheless, the inventiveness and hilarity of some of the sequences are there to quickly clear the slate of these defects.

In the end, after the very mixed Top Cops, this comedy almost similar had everything to prove and the venom would not be expected to occur among fans of the genre feeling cheated once again. Unfortunately or fortunately, they should keep their hatred for another film because this one keeps its promises. A film that will probably not be in the briefs but that will make us spend a nice time. He asked no more.

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