Wolverine, the character with the most iconic of the universe of the X-Men, is led to an ultimate adventure in the heart of contemporary Japan. Immersed in a world that he does not know, he must face the only enemy of his stature, in a battle to the life-and-death. Vulnerable for the first time and pushed to the end of his physical and emotional boundaries, Wolverine will face not only the steel lethal samurai but also matters related to his own immortality.

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Release Date : July 24, 2013

Directed by James Mangold

Film american

With Hugh Jackman, Tao Okamoto, Rila Fukushima, Hiroyuki Sanada, Svetlana Khodchenkova

Duration : 2h06min

Original title : The Wolverine

Trailer :

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After the horrible disappointment of X-MEN ORIGINS – WOLVERINE in 2009 (who deserves a negative note in my heart as a beginning malignant, absolutely nothing was to save), it is difficult to restore the image of the character in the film. Of course, Hollywood could still count on the love of the general public to this character, as well as for his interpreter, Hugh Jackman. Assigned to James Mangold after the withdrawal of Darren Aronofsky, this new opus is the choice of follow-up to the 3rd part of the saga film X-Men, and presents here the mutant griffu isolated and depressed after the events of this episode (really, after Tony Stark in IRON MAN 3, this is not the party at the super-hero) and plunges it into a thriller more than a superhero movie “classic” on the bottom of tracks “made in Japan” that takes us back to the first episodes of the comic-book featuring Logan in adventures in solo land of the Rising Sun also (under the feathers and brushes of Chris Claremont, the writer who gave his letters of nobility to the franchise mutant in Marvel, and Frank Miller, who will then have 300 and SIN CITY).

Directions story as the basis for the movie (a change of scenery, a break with the previous Wolverine movie, continuity of the license X-Men, darkness) are relevant and are of WOLVERINE – THE BATTLE OF The IMMORTAL a much better film than the last adventures solo of the mutant canadian. Nevertheless, the film is far from perfect. James Mangold (who should be sympathetic to COPLAND and WALK THE LINE) makes a copy without much flavor despite the fight scenes quite readable (note the funny sequence of the train for example), but unfortunately too little bloody. Not that I am a strong supporter of the violence in the film but the characters armed with claws or swords that do almost no spurts of blood, it definitely gives the impression that the realism has been sacrificed on the altar of the choice of target marketing (especially for a film processed more thriller/chase that super-hero).

Clearly better than its predecessor in spite of enormous faults, it tolerates quite well in this film, which will be very quickly forgotten after viewing.

What are we to say of the depth almost non-existent for most of the characters in the film, particularly the villains are dull and somewhat endearing ? Here, only the two heroines who accompany Wolverine benefit from a treatment interesting, in connection with an interpretation fort suitable of Tao Okamoto (Mariko) and Rila Fukushima (Yukio). Even the hero becomes a caricature, both by the traits of simplistic and coarse-grained, by which he is characterized in the film (depressed, animal, grumpy, honorable) through the interpretation of Hugh Jackman who seems to have anything more to bring to the character (despite the fact that it really has the mouth of employment since the beginning). And I’m not talking about the scenes with Famke Janssen (Jean Grey) who are horripilantes and laughable. Not really, the characters are too hollow for that one attaches to it or that it really worries them.

WOLVERINE – THE BATTLE OF The IMMORTAL would therefore be a failure ? Despite the harsh critic that I could have up to the present for the feature, I’m not out of the room disappointed. In fact, clearly better than its predecessor in spite of enormous faults, it tolerates quite well in this film, which will be very quickly forgotten after viewing, with the exception of a scene post-generic exciting for comic book fans. An average movie, but not a bad movie.

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