[critical] Yelling to the Sky

While his family is broken, the existence already unstable Sweetness O’hara, a teenager métis seventeen-year-old, becomes even more difficult on the day when she is targeted by the violent students in her high school. She must now find the best way to defend yourself and take his life in hand, it home, as at school, in a neighborhood where her survival seems uncertain.

Author’s Note


Release Date : unknown

Directed by Victoria Mahoney

Film american

With Zoë Kravitz, Gabourey Sidibe, Tim Blake Nelson

Duration : 1h36min

Original title :Yelling to the Sky

Trailer :

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Yelling to the sky door an incisive gaze on an America difficult. It does not expose a vulgar war of gang, but opts instead for a scheme much more complex. If conflict there is, it is the battle that engage the characters with themselves. Although this confrontation is the result of a social context are contentious, the film is more of an emphasis on individuality as such. Born then of the characters ambiguous : neither good nor bad. Often the one and the other. They are seeking their place in a difficult environment where few people, their leaves a chance. Can there be even a sketch of hope in this american company ? The answers are sometimes made by the image as that of the flag emblematic of these nations dashed by electric wires, a symbol of the industrialized society and locked up. Where is the american dream ? The presentation of the films of the festival of Deauville seems to answer unanimously that it is not, or at least, more really.

Yelling to the Sky has the potential to become a movie that we will forget in a few months.

However, Yelling to the sky stumbles. These characters, we escape it completely. We don’t like it. We do not hate them not. It has the force of complexity, too much distance has been established between the characters and the viewer. Sometimes the father appears to us as a violent man, and whimsical, and sometimes his eyes betrayed his kindness. One of the teachers at the school will reveal some defects without neglecting the attention it gives to its students. Finally, the character on which the film bears the most attention is initially a victim and then born again by the violence. In this framework, it is difficult to choose between attachment or contempt, that we can feel towards a character. What is hang-up then ?

The subject wants to be strong but the film does not reach its goal. Restraint, yes. It is with modesty that we learnt of the death of the brother of Gordon O’hara (Jason Clarke). We will not hear the answer of Sweetness O’hara (Zoë Kravitz) at the request of the professor : “If you have any questions, vas-y “. This approach is interesting : the film does not dwell on the Past yet the cause of everything. What matters here is the present dealt with by the silence. The future ? The question is difficult. The characters do not seem to believe in themselves. This future seems to be only through the leak. The sister escapes from the family home but eventually repeats the same pattern with a violent husband.

Flee with the drugs. Flee in college maybe ?

Indeed this reserve would have been able to be a major asset, but is relatively poorly controlled and who imposes on us lengths, and a certain boredom. Yelling to the sky has the potential to become a movie that we will forget in a few months.

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